ApnaKhata (अपना खाता)-Rajasthan Land Records

About ApnaKhata Rajasthan Land Records

What is Apna Khata?

 Jamabandi is actually the common parlance in Northern India including the states of Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh to refer to the land records like ApnaKhata Rajasthan Land Records. More specifically it refers to the Record of Rights. This means that it will tell you about the owner of the land. It is a very necessary step while you are making a purchase of land because you need to verify whether the person selling you the land is actually the rightful owner of the land or not. This has helped to stop a lot of fraudulent activities going on in these States.

Rajasthan State
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It provides you with the following details: –

  • Information about all the owners.
  • Area of the land.
  • Amount of share of each owner on the land.
  • Any kind of rent or tax payable on the land.

Where can you get all the information?

If you are in Rajasthan and you need to get all the information regarding the ApnaKhata Rajasthan Land Records, then you have to visit Apna Khata Rajasthan. It is an online portal that the Rajasthan state government has started to provide you with all the information relating to land records.

ApnaKhata Rajasthan Land Records
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Earlier you would have been required to waste a lot of time in order to obtain all this information but since the introduction of this online portal, all of that has been made very easy. All you have to do is follow simple steps and you will be able to get all the information with just a few clicks!

Image Source: apnakhata.raj.nic.in

Steps to be followed for Apna Khata

In order to obtain Jamabandi Rajasthan Pratilipi you need to follow these simple steps: –

  • First of all, you need to visit apnakhata.raj.nic.in
  • You will find the option ‘अपनाखाता’which you have to choose.
  • This option will lead you to the list of districts of Rajasthan. You need to select your district name.
  • You then have to select your Tehsil name.
  • This will redirect you to another website.
  • There you need to select the year of the records you want.
  • Then you have to select your specific village name.
  • For selecting your village name you can type in the name of your village in the search box or you can check manually from the list of villages.
  • You have to give your account number.
  • Then you have to give your tenant name and lastly to need to choose the options ‘want a copy’ and that’s it! You will get all the records you want

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