Get an Ontario Drive Clean Test done

Ontario Drive Clean

After certain time, motor vehicles are required to do an emissions test before the owner can renew its registration and license plate. Find out if you need to do an Ontario Drive Clean test and how to do it below. You can find the more in Service Ontario.

What is Ontario’s Drive Clean?

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The majority of vehicles that are seven years old or older require an Ontario’s Drive Clean test so they can do a registration or licence plate renewal. This test was created to determine if the car of a person meets the standards of emissions of Ontario.

When you get a registration renewal notice (online or at home) it will say if you need to do the test. Since April, 2017, most vehicles get a free test when it is the first time they are getting it. Then You can go to the Driven Clean website and check if you are eligible for a free test by providing your licence plate number or you vehicle identification number.

How do I do an Ontario’s Drive Clean test?

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If you have a light-duty vehicle (4,500 kg or less) that seven years old or older. It will require a Drive Clean test every two years in order to renew its registration. If you have a heavy-duty vehicle (more than 4,500 kg) that is seven years old or older, it will require a Drive Clean test annually.

As it said above, you may get a free test if it is the first Drive Clean you are getting and then you can find out if it is your case by using their online tool. This tool is also useful if you want to check the Driven Clean history of a vehicle or to determine if a used car you are going to buy needs a test.

There certain motor vehicles that do not need an emissions test, which include: light-duty vehicles with a model year before 1988, kit cars, electric and most-hybrid electric vehicles, light-duty commercial farm plated vehicles, motorcycles and vehicles that are plated “Historic” under the Highway Traffic Act.

Getting an Ontario’s Driver’s Abstract

Where do I get an Ontario’s Drive Clean test?

Ontario’s Drive Clean tests must done by a certified inspector in an accredited facility. And then You can find the nearest facility on their website, by using their facilities tool, where you will have to introduce you vehicle type, model year, fuel type, and address, intersection or postal code and the distance of the search area in Canada.

Ontario’s Drive Clean test Fee Details

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Getting a Ontario Drivers Licence

Ontario Drive Clean Website:

Drive Clean Toll Free Number: 1-888-758-2999

Ontario Drive Clean Out side Ontario Toll Free Number: 1-905-943-4897

Drive Clean Office Address:

Ministry of Environmental & Climate Change,
4th Floor,
40 Street Clair Avenue-West,
Toronto ON – M4V 1M2

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