How to find a business with Yelp

Yelp is an online business directory which is from Canada that combines listing in a directory like Yellow Pages with Social and Technological elements. So, is easier to find enterprises online. And not only that, also Costumers can contact them and rate them.  So, if you are looking for business, Yelp is the perfect option for you. The Yelp Branches are Yelp Montreal, Yelp Calgary, Yelp Edmonton, Yelp Toronto, Yelp Vancouver, etc.., Get more details from or Yelp wiki. website
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The process is very easy but you’ll need to follow some steps in order to Find a business with Yelp, these are the following:

  • Enter to
  • Your city should be detected by Yelp but if not, you have to select your city
  • Select the category you are looking for
  • Find a local business through the results
  • Click the link in order to get details about it.

In the business detail page, you’ll have the necessary information for you like name, address, phone number and website URL.

The most important fact: The feedback

You have to register to this page if you want to have feedback. When you have your account you can rate the business by marking from one to five stars. So, the business is as good as the quantity of stars. Also, you can write a review.

This system pressures business to maintain high standards of service to earn positive reviews. So you’ll have sort of a guide to know what enterprises are better. And if some business has negative reviews you should check out what did they do to rectify the situation. That can say a lot about them. And you have to be careful because we are on the internet, and everybody can say bad things, sometimes it is the customer and not the business.

Yelp has different categories to look at, such as restaurants, bars, coffee & tea, drugstores, banks & credit unions, gas stations, and others. Website: Customer Service Number: (877) 767-9357
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