Learn about Ontario Hunting Regulations

Ontario Hunting Regulations

Many people enjoy hunting and they do it regularly as a hobby. In Ontario, there are a few places where you can do it. However, it is important that people who do it follow Ontario hunting regulations and have the documents that are required. Get to know more about the Deer Hunting Ontario in Hunting Season Ontario Deer Season from here.

What hunting regulations does Ontario have?

ontario hunting regulations
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All Ontario Hunting Regulations are specified on the Service Ontario website, where you can download a PDF file that is the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary of the current year. Here we will summarize the content of it.

What can I find in the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary?

First, you will find important notices and upcoming changes related to hunting that may include changes in licenses, events or changes in the platform of licensing.

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Then you find three maps of South-western, South-eastern, and Northern Ontario, with the places where hunting is allowed, national parks and areas where you may need specific licenses.

After that, you will find information related to Hunting Licence. It is mandatory for Ontario resident and non-resident hunters to have a valid hunting version of the Ontario Outdoors Card when they are going to get a hunting license or licence tag. This license must be valid for the species or group of species you want to hunt. To get a license the person has to be at least 16 years old. It is possible that a person of 15 gets it but it needs the consent of his or her parents.

When hunting you must carry your Outdoors Card, the licence tag, any validation tags, and any game seals all the time. Remember licences have an expiration date and you must renew them if you want to continue hunting. Get to know about Ontario Deer Season from here.

In the summary, you will find the fees of the licenses of each species, which includes moose, elk, black bear, small game, wolf or coyote, wild turkey, and falconry. The amount of money you pay may vary if you are an Ontario resident or not.ontario hunting

The summary also has a chart that tells you how you can get each license, so you can check if they are available online, by telephone, in a license issuer and/or a participating Service Ontario center. There is the chart for Ontario residents and one for non-residents of the Canada country.

Hunter Education Program

Below that, you will find information about the Ontario Hunter Education Program, which created to ensure that all hunters get the appropriate training and accreditation required to hunt. There is information about the places where you can find an instructor and what the program is about.

In the file, there detailed information about the firearms, vehicles, parks, and import and export regulations. Lastly, there are different sections with the regulations that apply to each group of species and their Ontario Deer season.

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