Pizza Nova: The benefactor side of the community

Pizza Nova

The pizza shop “Pizza Nova” opened in 1963 has been selling pizzas and expanding their locations in Canada. Thanks to the community, they have succeeded and not only for that, also because of their high-quality products and good customer service. Get more about the Pizza Nova Canada, Pizza Nova Specials, Pizza Nova Deals from PizzaNova Website.

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Now, the Pizza Nova gives back the good things to the community. They have different causes, and they are:

Variety Village

This project helps children with disabilities and their families to make changes in their lives. They have risen to over $1 million. Pizza Nova has been collaborating with them since 1999. Get the Pizza Nova Deals and more from here.

Villa Charities

This organization helps develop projects in different fields such as health, social, cultural and educational. In honor of the Italian Heritage, these projects also improve the quality of life. They have raised over $180.000.

Coins for breakfast

Pizza Nova is partnered with various organizations such as the Toronto Foundation for Student Success, YMCA Student Nutrition Programs and the Peterborough Family Resource Centre. This program is about giving children a very nutritious breakfast every morning, so they can healthy. They have raised over $50.000. They have been in this project since 2015 is this most nova

Pizza Nova is also committed to its customer’s health and, because of that, they offer the best quality products. One of the most impressive ideas they have had is the Antibiotic Free Proteins. Since 2015 they were the first company to introduce pepperoni made from pork and beef raised without antibiotics. And, then, they have been offering different proteins free of antibiotics like his famous chicken wings, grilled chicken, smoked ham and Pollini.

They also have a complete menu full of tasty flavors of pizza and you can also create your own. Their most famous and liked pizzas are the Banquet cheddar, Calabrese, cheddar supreme and portobellisimo.

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