SSO Rajasthan (Single Sign On Rajasthan)

SSO Rajasthan

SSO Rajasthan: (एसएसओ राजस्थान) The website is there to provide relevant digital identity to each and every applicant on the site. This site is there to offer an optimized online service.

A new online concept has been derived and got popular which is known to be SSO ID or Single Sign-On Identification. This is considered to be a very popular and unique concept that is likely to provide plenty of advantages to the applicant or users of the said site.

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If you want to avail of the service of this site, you are really required to create a Single Sign On Rajasthan ID of yours on this website for the obvious reasons. Once you have an account or profile of yours on this site, you will be allowed to effectively provide various online services that are made available by Rajasthan.

This article is there to provide you with some necessary information about Rajasthan SSO.

The registration process

  • The citizens of Rajasthan required to go through the simple step by step process to complete the registration. The registration supposed to be done in any of the following ways. First of all, you allowed using your Bamashahsha ID. That apart, one can also utilize his/her government registered Adhaar card for this purpose. On the other hand, you are allowed to it by using your Facebook or Google account.
  • Nevertheless, one always recommended using their Aadhaar card or Bimaashah ID for the registration process in order to fully avail all the facilities. It totally up to how you want to go through the whole process.
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The registration process for the government employees

If you an employee of the Government of Rajasthan, then you easily allowed to make the registration. You just supposed to utilize your SIPF number along with the password in order to complete the registration process. Visit the registration site and do it whenever you want.

The registration process for the students

There are two ways for a student to make the registration. One can use his/her UAN or industry base number for this purpose. On the other hand, one can also utilize the BRN or Business Register Number for the registration process.

Do your research

It always considered wise to do some extensive research about the SSO Raj registration process. On the other hand, it also important and significant to gather all the other relevant information beforehand. This way you will acquainted with all the steps and methods necessary for the registration process.

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