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Ontario Government Jobs

Finding a job nowadays can be an overwhelming task. There are so many places and websites where you can search and it looks like there are many opportunities but nothing works for you. If you live in Ontario and you would like to have a job related to the government, you should definitely check Ontario Government Jobs.

What is Ontario Government Jobs?

ontario govt jobs
Image Source: gojobs.gov.on.ca

Ontario Government Jobs is a website of the Ontario Public Service Careers where you will find different job opportunities in a wide range of fields, from biologists to lawyers, editors to nurses, translators to mechanics… There is something for everybody! This is because the Service Ontario is one of the largest employers of the area and they work in a big number of areas, allowing them to give career opportunities to many people.

According to the website, all the jobs in Canada that you will find there “are within the approved employment cap for the Ontario Public Service”.

How do I find a job in Ontario Government Jobs?

When you visit their website, www.gojobs.gov.on.ca, you will find a section where you can start exploring by introducing certain information. You can explore by specifying your region, your city, your job category, the minimum salary you desire and your career level.

You can select multiple options in each category. This is useful if you are, for example, trying to find a job and you have two different careers or you can work in two different cities.ontario govt job

Once you click on “search”, a list of all the jobs available will display. Each job will have a brief summary below the title, which includes the organization, salary, location and closing date. When you click on a job, you will find very detailed information that includes a description of the job, qualifications required, how you can apply and additional information.

Most jobs have the option of applying online once you click on them. There you will have to provide your personal information and your cover letter and resume.

Below the section where you sort out jobs, you will find a list of the latest career opportunities listed, so you have another way of exploring the website. You can also ask to get notifications on your email, so you receive all the new jobs available.

Once you apply online, remember to check your application status. In case you provided an email address, you will receive a notification there.

Ontario Government Jobs Contact Numbers

Contact Numbers Source: gojobs.gov.on.ca/ContactUs.aspx

  • Accessibility Directorate of Ontario: 1-866-260-0612
  • Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development: 1-866-333-8491
  • Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs: 1-866-333-8491
  • Ministry of the Attorney General: 1-855-426-9433
  • Children and Youth Services: 1-855-537-2627
  • Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration1-855-426-9433
  •  Community & Social Services: 1-866-734-8986
  • Ministry of Correctional Services & Community Safety: 1-855-430-7909
  • Economic Growth & Development: 1-855-430-7909
  • Ministry of Education: 1-866-333-8491
  • Energy: 1-866-333-8491
  • Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change: 1-866-734-8986
  • Finance (including Financial Services Commission of Ontario): 1-866-260-0612
  • Ministry of Government & Consumer Services (includes Service Ontario): 1-866-260-0612
  • Health & Long Term Care: 1-866-410-8933
  • Ministry of Housing: 1-866-333-8491
  • Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation: 1-866-333-8491
  • Ministry of Infrastructure: 1-866-333-8491
  • International Trade: 1-855-426-9433
  • Ministry of Labour: 1-866-734-8986
  • Municipal Affairs: 1-866-333-8491
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry: 1-866-333-8491
  • Northern Development and Mines: 1-866-333-8491
  • Ministry of Research, Innovation & Science: 1-855-430-7909
  • Seniors Affairs: 1-855-426-9433
  • Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport: 1-855-430-7909
  • Transportation: 1-855-537-2627
  • Ministry of the Status of Women: 1-855-426-9433
  • Office of Francophone Affairs: 1-855-430-7909
  • Treasury Board Secretariat: 1-866-410-8933

What else can I find on the website?

Besides job opportunities – you find very detailed information about Ontario Public Services, instructions about the hiring process, tips for interviews and the applying process, advice for young and new professionals, and a section with the FAQ.

Ontario Government Jobs Website: https://www.gojobs.gov.on.ca/Jobs.aspx

Toll-Free Number: 1-855-622-4989

TTY Number: 613-544-4308