Learn about Ontario driver’s test and the G2 Road Test

Ontario’s G2 Road Test

As it was mentioned in another article, where we explained the process of obtaining a licence, getting a licence in Ontario as a new driver takes some time and involves going through different tests. Learn about this process and the tests involved, which include the Ontario G2 Road Test.

What driving tests do I have to do in Ontario?

Unlike other places, Ontario has something called “graduated licensing”, which was created on 1994 for those who applied for their first motorcycle or car licence in Canada.drivetest ontario

Image Source: drivetest.ca/book-a-road-test

Graduating licensing consists of a process where you will gain experience and skills gradually, at the lowest possible level of risk. This process completed in two steps and it will take approximately 20 months, even 2 years in some cases. You will have to pass the level one road test (G1), that you allowed to make after you approve an eye exam and the written test, and then you will have to pass a level two road test (G2). If you want to get an Ontario Drive Clean test done from the authority, follow the information here.

Level one road test (G1) includes basic skills and gives you access to a G2 licence, which has a good number of restrictions. Level two road test (G2) includes more advanced skills and knowledge that you will only get with driving experience by practicing. If you pass this test, you will finally get you G licence, having full class G driving privileges.

How is Ontario’s G2 Road Test?

As it mentioned above, the Ontario’s G2 Road Test includes advanced skills and knowledge. This test has a component of expressway driving and in order to do it you must have enough expressway driving experience. Visit Service Ontario for more Driving related services in Ontario, Canada.ontario g2 road test

Before you do the test, you will have to sign a “Declaration of Highway Driving Experience” and in the form you will have to say the amount of times you have driven on a freeway or highway in the last three months, with a speed of at least 80 km/h, and the average length of those trips. The examiner will cancel the road test and declared it “out-of-order” if you don’t have enough highway experience.

Freeways included are: 400, 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 406, 407, 409, 410, 416, 417, 420, 427, Don Valley Parkway, Gardiner Expressway, E. C. Row Expressway, Queen Elizabeth Way and the Conestoga Parkway.

While you are taking the test, the examiner will give you directions and watch you to see if you successfully perform the actions associated with the driving tasks you expected to complete. These driving tasks include: left and right turns, stop intersection, through intersection, freeway, lane change, roadside stop, curve, business section, parallel park and three-point turn.

Ontario G2 Road Test Website: https://drivetest.ca/book-a-road-test

To Find Drive Test Centre: https://drivetest.ca/find-a-drive-test-centre/find_a_drivetest_centre.html#/locations

G2 Road Test Booking Number: 1-888-570-6110 / 647-776-0331

Fax Number: 416-225-7313

Mailing Address:

Serco Customer Feedback Department,
Oshawa Drive Test Centre, Midtown Mall,
200 John Street West,
Oshawa, Ontario – L1J 2B4