Rythu Samanvaya Samithi

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About Rythu Samanvaya Samithi

RSS stands for “Rythu Samanvaya Samithi” also known as “Farmer’s Coordination Committee” was established on Mar 2018 bt the Telangana State Government. It is an Agricultural cooperative organization which providing to transform activity of agriculture, farmer and development welfare in the Telangana State. Rythu Bandhu Scheme is the farmer support scheme which is to distribute through these committees at the panchayat level. Get more about the Rythu Samanvaya Samithi.

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History of Rythu Samanvaya Samithi

Rythu Samanvaya Samithi committees were announced by the Telangana State cheief minister Sri Kalvakuntla Chandrasheka Rao and this committee is come into existence in 26th Feb of 2018.

Organisation of Rythu Samanvaya Samithi

In the Telangana state around 1, 61,000 farmer members the organization has formed.

The following are the committees of the farmer at various levels:

  • At the village level, there were 15 members
  • Mandal Level, there were 24 members
  • At District Level, there were 24 members
  • At State Level, there were 42 members

The agricultural officers, farmers, experts and scientists are the members at the state level, and the AEO (Agricultural Extension Officer) per 5000 acres appointed by the Telangana State Government.

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Corporation of Rythu Samanvaya Samithi

The corporation initialised as a non – profitable organisation. The responsibilities and duties for the farmer members to play an active role in the operations of agriculture are:

  • In order to sell the product at MSP (Minimum Support Price)
  • Seeds Sowing

Approximately 2,630 bulidings of farmers association will construct and one AEO per 5000 Acres, to hold the meetings for the farmers along with exchanging ideas and discussing with other farmers, Mobile Soil Testing Labs would also operate from 137 Rythu Vedikas.

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