Getting a Marriage Certificate in Ontario

Marriage Certificate Ontario

After your marriage, it can be useful to have a marriage certificate, multiple ones, as you will need them to get other documents or services. Find out how to get a Marriage Certificate Ontario in Canada from the following procedure. Get more about the Ottawa marriage license Ontario. Get marriage certificate application from Service Ontario marriage certificate website.

Marriage Certificate Application in Ontario?

A Marriage Certificate in Ontario, it is a document that has all the details and information of a marriage that was performed in Ontario, which include the place and date of the marriage and names of the people who got married.

A person can ask for one or more than one certificate marriage and this will be useful in the future. It useful to do other procedures, like getting divorced or changing a person’s name. Or to ask for certain documents, especially if you are doing it under your married name, like asking for health card renewal.

How do I get a Marriage Certificate in Ontario?

You can ask for a Marriage Certificate in Ontario online. To do it you must have the following requirements. Date of birth, first and last names or single names of both parties to the marriage. The date of marriage and the name of the city or town where the marriage took place in.

You can ask for a marriage certificate between 6 and 8 weeks after the marriage because the official who performed the marriage has to send the marriage license to Service Ontario, so the marriage registered.

Take into consideration that a marriage certificate not the same as a solemnization of marriage. If you need the certificate for a specific procedure, make sure to ask if you need a file sized certificate or a certified copy of marriage registration, because both are often confused but they are different.

Service Ontario Marriage Certificate License

The cost of the certificate will vary depending on what type of service you select. For regular service, it will cost $15 and it will take 15 business days to sent plus delivery time. For premium service, it will take 5 business days to sent plus delivery time and it will cost $45. To pay the amount through VISA, MasterCard or Interac.

You can also ask for a marriage certificate in person if you prefer. The Service Ontario Centre where you can do one at 47 Sheppard Avenue, Toronto, Canada. You can pay by credit card, cash, money order or Interac.

When you go to the Service Centre, you can also ask for a faster service, which called Emergency service and costs $45, but you must bring something that proves that the emergency required.

Marriage Certificate Ontario Website:
To Check the status of Marriage Certificate:
Toll-Free Number: 1-800-461-2156
Contact Number: 416-325-8305
Fax Number: 416-981-3409

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