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Have you ever stopped buying things to save money? All of we know that saving is something that everybody should do. With Home Sense, you don’t have to stop buying because you can get 20% to 60% discount below department and specialty store regular prices. And the prices do not influence the quality. Get more from HomeSense Canada on HomeSense Calgary, HomeSense Products and more.

If you are a smart shopper and you don’t like the coupons, promotions sales, coupons or other fake offers, don’t worry. Home Sense offers brand name and home fashion assortments that are 20% to 60% less than other store prices in Canada.

Variety of Home Sense

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The outlet stores usually sell merchandise from a single manufacturer. That limits the variety of the products and prices. At Home Sense you can find brands from various vendors not only from the town but also from all around the world. They do not just buy top brands and designers; they also buy artisans. In the store, you can find beautiful blown glass from Poland, ceramics from Italy and quality furniture from Canada.

HomeSense Products for all the family

Besides the good prices, we offer a variety of fashion assortments for your amusement home: Furniture, gourmet and kitchen cookware, kid’s objects, storage, pet, lighting objects, rugs, decorative accessories and pillows, seasonal decor, too many different options in which you can choose.

Rotating merchandisehome sense

Home Sense receives brand name home fashions several times per week, so you don’t have to expect the next season to buy new things. You can find hidden treasures because the merchandise is always new and you never know what new things you are going to find the next time you come. They don’t hold replenishment stock so if you liked something you better grab it.

The store always has current season’s home fashion merchandise. Just a little percentage is past season and with that kind of merchandise, they offer great savings.

Since 2001, Home Sense has been operating in Canada and they hold over 100 stores all around the country. They have won a good reputation between the Canadians with the ever-changing selection of brand-name and designer home fashions.


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Although Home Sense is a chain off-price home furnishing store, they warrant that the products have been manufactured and shipped following all the applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards, also human rights standards.

What do you expect? Get your house’s style back on track and save money while you do it.

HomeSense Website:
To Find HomeSense Store:
Phone Number: 1-800-646-9466
Store Working Horus: 9 AM to 5 PM.
TJX Canada,
60 Standish Court,
Mississauga, ON L5R 0G1.

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