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Ontario Second Career

In case you have been unemployed for a while or you just have temporary jobs to cover costs, and you are interested in learning new things and getting financial support, you should check a program that is available in Ontario, which is called Ontario Second Career Program. Get the Second Career Application from Second career Toronto, etc., Find out its features and advantages below.

What is Ontario’s Second Career?

Ontario’s Second Career is a government program designed to help those laid-off unemployed workers to learn a new career and go back to the job market in Canada.

In case you qualify for the program, you can get up to $28,000 to cover the costs of your education.ontario second career

How do I know if I qualify for Second Career?

In general, you qualify for the program if you meet the following requirements: you have laid off and have unemployed or you have laid off and are working a temporary job (less than 20 hours per week). Besides this two, there are other things that required when you are doing your application.

You can still apply for Second Career in case you received or are receiving Employment Insurance.

How do I apply for Ontario’s Second Career Program?

The process of applying for Second Career starts by working with an employment services agency, where their staff will help you decide if the program is right for you and if so, they will help you with your application. If you don’t know where to go, go to Service Ontario and use its search tool, where you can introduce a city, address or a complete postal code to find the nearest agency.second career ontario

You can also request an appointment online, on the website of Service Ontario, to meet an Employment Ontario counselor.

Before starting the application process, do your research and find at least three training institutions that offer the training you need and include at least one college of applied arts and technology and one private career college. In your application, you will have to include information about your income, your household income, and your current expenses.

Additionally, you must prove that the skills you will get from the training needed by employers, so include job postings and news of future job opportunities.
Besides the aspects mentioned above, you will also have to provide the following information in your application: the amount of time you have unemployed (or with a temporary job) and actively looking for a job, positions you have applied for and the places where you did it, your level of education, places where you worked previously, the amount of time and the skills you need there.

How much will cover?

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Once your application approved, you will receive the amount of money that Ontario’s Second Career will pay. This will depend on the information you provided, especially your gross household income. Remember you may still have to pay for part of the costs, as the program may not cover everything.

Second Career Ontario Website:
Help Line Number: 1-800-387-5656
TTY: 1-866-533-6339
Ontario Advanced Education Website:
Toll-Free Number: 1-800-387-5514