Using the Trillium Drug Program to help with high prescription drug costs

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Trillium Drug Program

If you have to take prescription drugs regularly, you probably know how expensive they are and you must be spending lots of money on it. In case you need help paying for it, you should check and see if you qualify for the Ontario Trillium Drug Program or Ontario Trillium Drug Plan, which created to help people in your situation. Get more info about the Trillium Health Benefits from Service Ontario and official website.

What is the Trillium Drug Program?

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The Trillium Drug Program (TDP) was created to help people paying their prescription drugs in Ontario. It made for people who spend on prescription drugs approximately 3 to 4% (or more than that) of their after-tax household income.

To get coverage from the program, you must have a valid Ontario Trillium health Benefits card and not already qualify for Ontario Drug Benefit.

How do I apply for the Trillium Health Benefits Program?

You can apply for TDP online, by calling (1-800-575-5386) or in person at your pharmacy.trillium drug program

To apply, you must provide the following household income information. If your partner and you have lived together for one year if you parents together as a child. Then you have entered into a cohabitation agreement together under Section 53 of the Family Law Act; if you have children, parents and/or grandparents who rely on you for financial support and they live with you. Else if you have children who are students who rely on you for financial support even if they don’t live with you; if you have a partner or spouse that resides in a long-term care home or in another province or outside Canada.

Once you fill the application form, it must send by mail to Trillium Drug Program, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, PO Box 337, Station D, Etobicoke, ON  M9A 4X3. The deadline to do it is September, 30 of any given year.

How much will I pay?

You will receive a letter that confirms the amount of annual deductible you will have to pay if your application approved. Some household members may also included in the coverage, so make sure to check.trillium drug fee
An annual deductible is a fixed amount of money towards the cost of your prescription drugs. Once you pay that deductible, you will have to pay up to $2 for each drug that filled or refilled.

Remember to check the list of prescription drugs that covered by the Trillium Drug Program and do not forget to tell your doctor or pharmacist that you are in the program

This way they can prescribe you drugs that are on the list of covered drugs.

Trillium Drug Program Website:
Contact Number: 416-642-3038
Toll-Free Number: 1-800-575-5386
Mailing Address Details:
Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care,
Post Box Number 337,
Station D,
Etobicoke, ON M9A 4X3