EZTV: A dependable website for serial downloading easily


EZTV: A dependable website for serial torrents downloading easily:

Eztv -Serials and series are fun to watch and everybody has different types of taste. Like movies, serials and series are also very much entertaining and people from all over the world love to watch this kind of things which bring pleasure in their leisure time. Difference between a movie and a serial is, a movie ends in few hours where a series run for a long time. People get addicted to watching episodes and these bring charms for the upcoming one.Its an Tv Torrents downloading website.


Now, it is not possible to watch all things on TV regularly. Suppose you are busy in work and there is no time to watch your favourite series broadcasting on TV. In that case, you will miss that. It may happen for several times. So, after a certain time, you may lose the interest in that particular. EZTV is an online platform where you can get torrents for all your episodes. This is a pirated site, where most of the TV series are uploaded for the people of the world, you can download this through EZTV torrents.

EZTV site

EZTV is a torrent distribution group of serials in their own website. This site was made on May 2005. Piracy is illegal in lots of countries. You are unable to watch anything without paying cost no matter how much it is. All serials run on a pay per view system. Now, the problem is everyone can’t afford money to watch their favorite shows. TV torrent group like EZTV helps to fill this demand of serials by uploading these on the internet.

eztv torrents
eztv torrents

All kind of serials are there on the site. All serials are available in the English language. It uses the domain of EZTV.AG. For several years, it has different partners like media distributor companies to spread their domain in all across the world. Though it has broken lots of privacy and copyright laws and faced regulation, rules obligations, it become tremendously popular among the people for its service.


EZTV uploads all kind serials in their site mostly on the English language. It is always up to date to provide you with the best service from the site. Another thing is, in the content, you will get magnet link which will add the content directly to your torrent activator. Besides of that, there are lots of features to select.

  • You can download in different format size.
  • You can use the search bar to find any serials directly.
  • Yearly calendar and show list are also given on the site.

To download any video, first, register yourself on the site and then you can get full access to the site. Seeds will help you to give stable download speeds continuously. So, stream your serial for free and enjoy it anywhere.