Get to know more about the details of

Get to know more about the details of

Nowadays movies and music are becoming very common and easy to get. Even if you cannot get most of it through verified source, you can be sure to get it from one of the torrent. However, there are a lot of websites for downloading torrents, but only some of them are verified. One of the verified sources is Not a lot of people have heard about it, but if look quite deeply, you can see the reviews and you will find out that it is a fairly verified source for downloading torrents.

Details about the website

The domain age of the website is about five years and it keeps getting refreshed and updated. If you visit the website you will see all the latest torrent files of movies, music and other applications as well. The speed of the website is averages, meaning you will not have any sort of problem downloading the torrents if you have a fairly good internet speed.

However, the website is quite valued. The overall website value is around $494052.50.

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Learn more about the website

The organization of the website is Zooqle Inc. moreover, you should also be aware of the owner of the website, the name is Willem Marthinus de Beer. However, there are certain points which you should be aware of. For instance, for a few countries may pose a bit of risk. Some cities have reported bugs coming from this website. However, it is a highly popular website with a ranking of 4876 by Alexa.

You should be aware while purchasing few items if your country is not listed among the safe countries for the website.

What are torrents?

For all those who does not know what torrent is and what is for, this is a perfect place to know more about it. It is just a way by which files can be easily transferred from one computer to another. Distributing files over a server is also an option, but the number of connections is quite less, therefore, to make everything easier, there is torrents. This is a common platform where people can upload file if they are willing to share anything. On the other side people willing to download those files can search for those files and can download it. is one such website which acts as the platform for people to share as well as to download those files if required.

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