Gujarat State – A State Known for Business Tycoons, Navaratri Garba and Mahatma Gandhi

About Gujarat State

Gujarat State is located in Westside and North West of India which is the sixth largest state in terms of the area covering up to 196,024 square km with a long coastline of about 1,600 km. Known for its business acumen, GJ State is also the third biggest state economy in India with a gross domestic product of 14.96 lakh crores and annual per capita income of 2,300$. Vijay Rupani is the present Chief Minister of this westernmost state. The Map depicts the current capital city of Gandhinagar. The Gujarati language is their heart and soul, used for official and social proceedings.

Gujarat State
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Formation of Gujarat State

Gujarat State was formed on May 1, 1960, by the force of Bombay Reorganisation Act which divided the old Bombay state into GJ Stateand Maharashtra. Gujarat State animal is Asiatic Lion, Gujarat State Bird is Greater Flamingo, Gujarat State Flower is Marigold, Gujarat State Fruit is Mango. It has a variety of style in wearing Gujarati saree.

Maharashtra State Districts
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The culture of Gujarat State

Gujarat State is known for its different cultural heritage and rich traditions which is a dazzling mix religions includes Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. It also contains beliefs, traditions, inventions, technology, arts, customs, invenstions, language, values and institutions.

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The main temple of Sri Krishna is Dwarkadhish temple which is located in the state and the Lord Shri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated grandly in the State.

shri krishna janmashtami

Rivers of Gujarat State

The following are the Rivers of the State:

  • Narmada River
  • Sabarmati River
  • Tapti River
  • Mahi River
  • Daman Ganga River
  • Bhadar River
  • Auranga River
  • Rupen River
  • Shetrunji River
  • Khari River
  • Dhadhar River
  • Mindhola River
  • Purna River
  • Ozat River
  • Machchhu River
  • Kolak River
  • Aji River
  • Hiran River
  • Ambika River
  • Kalubhar River
  • Ghela River

Educational Institutions in Gujarat

IIMA – Indian Institute of MAnagement, Ahmedabad.

The archaeological value of GJ State districts

GJ State is believed to be the epicentre of the ancient Indus valley civilization. Archaeological remains of prehistoric cities like Dholavira, Lothal and Gola Dhoro have been found here. Ruins of at least 50 Indus Valley Settlements were discovered till now. It has a special place in India’s medieval history relating to Maurya, Gupta and Saka dynasties. Surat, the city of diamonds, was one of the chief trade centres for Britishers during the East India Company rule.

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Districts of Gujarat State

There are a total of 33 Gujarat districts, the following are the districts of GJ State:

  1. Ahmedabad
  2. Amreli
  3. Anand
  4. Aravalli
  5. Banaskantha
  6. Bharuch
  7. Bhavnagar
  8. Botad
  9. Chhota Udaipur
  10. Dahod
  11. Dang
  12. Devbhoomi Dwarka
  13. Gandhinagar
  14. Gir Somnath
  15. Jamnagar
  16. Junagadh
  17. Kutch
  18. Kheda
  19. Mahisagar
  20. Mehsana
  21. Morbi
  22. Narmada
  23. Navsari
  24. Panchmahal
  25. Patan
  26. Porbandar
  27. Rajkot
  28. Sabarkantha
  29. Surat
  30. Surendranagar
  31. Tapi
  32. Vadodara
  33. Valsad

Gujarat State Tourism

This state has been the leader in innovative tourism campaigning through GJ Samachar. World famous actor Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is the brand ambassador of GJ State tourism. The state government has established 8 special tourist hubs to make state districts the ultimate holiday destination.

Akshardham Temple, Gandhinagar
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  1. Being the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, this state was the first to ban the sale of alcohol. Thousands of Mahatma Gandhi followers visit Sabarmati Ashram every year to pay homage to this legendary peace icon.
  2. Gir National Park is one of the Top 5 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India which is the only place in the world where you can see a pure breed of Asiatic Lions.
  3. There are four hill stations in the state namely Wilson Hills, Saputara, Pavagadh and Palitana, World’s only mountain with more than 900 temples.
  4. Pilgrims flock to globally renowned temples like Somnath, the golden temple, and highly revered Akshardham Yatra.
  5. Gujarat State Samachar showcases the rich cultural heritage of this region including Navratri Garba and Annual Kite Festival on the day of Makar Sankranthi.
  6. Nargol beach is being planned as a water sports hub for Indian as well as foreign tourists.
  7. Ahmedabad Wonderland is also known as snow park where one can enjoy the cool place during summers.
Top 5 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India
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Interesting Details of the State

  • Space Applications Centre is simply abbreviated as “SAC”. It is under the administration of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) Located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat State.
  • The Department of Space (DoS) has PRL (Physical Research Laboratory) in Ahmedabad
  • GIAN West – Grassroot Innovation network has launched in Gujarat State only.


Important Details of the State

  • Gujarat State Official Website:
  • GJ State Governor: Om Prakash Kohli
  • GJ State Chief Minister: Sri Vijay Rupani