Learn the benefits of using YTS.ag over other torrent sites


Learn about the benefits of using YTS.ag over other torrent sites

YTS.AG is the modification of the YTS group which has been dysfunctional for quite some time now, hence the modification. Although this torrent site has its pitfalls like hijacking famous brands and getting many releases banned etc. it is still one of the most popular torrent download sites. It you are movie or TV show enthusiast then this website is perfect for downloading full uncut version of the media in high picture quality. Although this torrent site has many haters from other torrent sites, but this site provides good service to its users.

Basically, YTS is a clone of the previous, now defunct YIFY organisation but more promising. A lawsuit was filed against the illegal activities of the old YIFY group which led to the dysfunctional group and resulted in emerging a new one.

You can even choose the media quality that you are downloaded from YTS, they are available in 720p, 1080p and even in 3D.

Following are some reasons for choosing YTS over others:

  • YTS.AG offers more advanced audio encoding. All the media released by YTS have high quality and improved audio quality. Audio encoding is basically a process to compress the actual audio file so that the same audio file will take much lesser space when stored but will have the same audio quality. The old YIFY group didn’t have this benefit, but this new clone provides crystal clear audio experience.
  • While searching a media in YTS, you will hardly see any ads popping up and disturbing your search. Many sites have this problem even the old YIFY group. But AG claims that their service is absolutely advertisement free.
  • Your device won’t be affected by malware or any other software virus while searching which a dangerous threat nowadays in the cyber world. YTS boasts that on accessing their website your device won’t be affected by any sort of malware whatsoever. On the other hand, some other torrent sites like kickass torrent and extra torrent possesses a problem of malware attack.
  • YTS claims that on using their download site your security or personal information won’t be breached in any way. They completely respect their users’ privacy. The security features used in their website is specially designed to prevent security breach in any way possible.
  • YTS provides a wide collection of subtitles for any movie or TV show downloaded on any language. You can download the required subtitles accordingly. These subtitles are .srt files and completely synchronise with the media.