Niagara College Domestic Students Courses and Fee Information

Niagara College Domestic Student Courses

The Niagara College also known as Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology is located in Niagara region of Southern Ontario Province located in Canada. The Niagara College Canada has 4 campuses which are: the Niagara on the Lake Campus, the Taif Campus in Ta’if – Saudi Arabia, the Maid of the Mist Campus and the Welland Campus in Welland. Here you can get the Niagara college Domestic Student Course details along with the fee structure information.

The Niagara college has 10000 full time students which includes 500+ international students from 65+ countries. College offering many programs on baccalaureate degrees, 100 post secondary diploma and advanced programs. The college providing more than 600 courses and attracts 15000+ registrants for every year. The Niagara College Canada has 291 faculty members, 224 supporting staff, 90 administrative staff members and for every year more than 50000 students are graduating from this college.

Niagara College Domestic Courses

Here, the student can get the Niagara College Domestic courses along with the all courses or programs information of Niagara College.

Niagara College Program Listing for Domestic and International Students

Niagara College Domestic Student Fee

These Fee details are included by the Total of Niagara College Tuition Fee. Here is the list where you can find the individual Niagara college fee structure along with the Niagara College Domestic Course.

Fee Details Fee Amount
College Service Fee $74.50
Athletic Fee $68.00
College Student Alliances $3.06
Alumni Fees $15.00
Student Centre Fee $64.00
Student Activity Fee $72.00
Orientation Fee (First Term) $41.00
Student Technology Enhancement $85.60
Health Fee (Start January) $180.00
Health Fee (Start May) $135.00
Health Fee (Start September) $229.00
Student Priority Funds $5.00
Universal Bus Pass Fee $140.00
Co Curricular Fee $11.00
Health Services Fee $17.50
Peer Services Fee $12.50
Sustainability Fee $5.00
Communicable Disease Surveillance Fee – For certain Health programs $75.00
Co-op Fee – Only for co-op programs. $475.00

Niagara College Convocation / Graduation Fee

PROGRAM Year FEE Details
4 – Year Program $14.00
3 – Year Program $18.66
2 – Year Program $28.00
1 – Year Program $56.00

Few of the Niagara college have a laptop requirements. Here you can check the Program requirements info: 

The lease of laptop cost is approx. $2,100.00 (which includes Windows OS + Microsoft Office Pro). For the 1st and 2nd academic years the cost is split.

Niagara College Website:

Domestic Enquiries: 905-735-2211 extension 7559

Niagara College email:

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Niagara College Address

Welland Campus
100 Niagara College Boulevard, Welland,
Ontario L3C 7L3, Canada.

Niagara on the Lake Campus
135 Taylor Road,
Niagara on the Lake,
Ontario L0S 1J0, Canada