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Download your favorite Asian content using nyaa.si

Nyaa- Viewing anything on the internet nowadays very much easy. When you browse something on the internet, all data regarding your search will be shown in front of you. Now, the thing is all are not free on the internet. People have an addiction to watch series, movies or downloading software from the internet. Some of those items are free and some are paid version. So, paid things cost money to subscribe or buy the products from the internet. It may be serials, movies, series, image, video, music, eBooks or anything.

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Everyone doesn’t have enough courage or money to subscribe and download these things. The actual thing is these items are a little bit costly for the general people. They may have the courage to watch or download but lack of money keep them away to use facilities. For them, torrent sites are there. A torrent site allows the user to download anything from their site with help of link which is already uploaded to that sites by someone else.


This is a torrent website especially working in the region of East Asia. This is one of the best popular websites in the world where all kind of Asian movies, series, media and much more are available. It featured items from Japan, China and Korea and most of the animation items are available on this site. An interesting fact is the website is English supported site. So, you can search content on that site easily.

Image source : wikipedia.org – nyaa

Previously it has a different domain name. From 2017 all domains are deactivated and only nyaa.si is still working. A torrent site has always legal issues. This also has this kind of problem. Hope, you understand that getting items without spending any money is a little bit risky although it does not effect on the users of the site. The website is providing data smoothly on their site and you can download anything easily from there.


Many different categories of the item available in the site like Animation music video, English video, regional video, lossless audio, lossy audio, literature video with English-translated and non-English, live videos, promotional videos, pictures, graphics. There is a filter option on the site to find your particular choice one. Nyaa.si is always updated and new contents are always uploading by the other users.

There is a magnet link which helps to sync contents directly in torrent software to download those fast and easy. Before using the website, register yourself on the site by giving your proper details. Besides that, you can use as a guest which has limited time to use. Visit the site today.

nyaa.si Website: https://nyaa.si

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NyaaV2