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RARBG torrent site to download recent movies, games and many more:

RARBG- In the present world of fast internet at affordable price, people want everything that is downloadable and is easily available. Nowadays one rarely goes to a game store and buys CDs to play a game. They would just go to a torrent and download the game online. It is cheaper, easier and faster. Also if you don’t feel like going to a cinema hall and spend hundreds of bucks behind a movie, you can just wait a couple of days and download the high definition of the movie from a torrent site. In a nutshell, even though there has been many discrepancies and illegal activities related to these torrent sites, they have made the entertainment easily available to us, that too, for free; now who doesn’t want that.

RARBG.TO is a quite famous torrent website which came in the year 2008. This site provides torrent files and links which leads to a peer-to-peer file sharing mechanism with Bit Torrent protocol. If you are a movie and TV show buzz, then this torrent site is just the perfect place for you. This site also provides the latest games, music, ebooks, software and many more.

The fate of this website changed soon when an organisation from Netherland whose job is to protect the right of the entertainment industry protested against it. After this, the website closed temporarily. It was also opened shortly afterwards. But the government banned these torrent sites in many countries due to privacy breach and many other issues. This didn’t stop the users to access these sites via proxy servers and many other minor links.

RARBG minor links and proxy servers

Because of these torrent sites, the popularity of the entertainment industry somewhat decreased and they filed a lawsuit against them stating what they doing is illegal and is affecting their business in a large scale. So the official sites of RARBG were shut down after these accusations but then many minor links and proxy sites are available which will provide you with the same service.

Minor links are nothing but just a usual website. The content of a minor link is the exact copy of another website. Many torrent websites including rarbg.to uses this technique to copy and create many websites which has the same torrent link as the main website. This way they get away from all the accusations against them and provide their customers free entertainment.