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Gir Cow

The Gir Cow is a type of the Zebu cattle originated in South Asia. It is more famous for milk cattle breed of India. The scientific name of the Gir Cattle is Bos primigenius indices. Here you can get the complete distinctive features of the Gir Cattle. This breed is originated in the Gir forest region & surrounding districts of the Gujarat state. Get the Gir cow Price details, Gir cow dairy form and more information from here.

Gir Cow Body Size

The large sized breed where the female average weight is 385 kg with a height of 130 cm and male average size is 545 kg with a height of 135 cm by Gir Cow. The Milk yield from the Gir cow is 1590 kg per the lactation, with a track record production of 3182 ks at 4.5 percentage fat in India. In Brazil country, the average milk per lactation is 3500 kg, with an international record of 17.121 kg by cow Profana de Brasilia. The color of the cow body is shining red to spotted white. The skin of the Gir is very soft, glossy and thin.Pure gir cow

Gir is a most ancient breed of India. Mainly in Gujarat state, the Gir cow dairy form is business is running very successfully. The Desi cow milk has the High demand in the market and the price of the direct milk is higher than the foreign breed’s milk.

Gir Cow Price

The average price details of the Pure Gir Cow along with you can also get the information on gir cow milk per day information. The listing info is Price, Breed, Gir cow age, Gir cow milk capacity info. Most of the people ask about the where the Gir Cow for sale in India, the best place to buy the Gir cow is Gujarat State.

The average Price of Gir Cow

Gir Cow Gir Cows
Avg. Price Rs 1.1 Lakh / Piece Rs 80,000 / Piece
Age 1-2 Years 3-4 years
Breed Gir Gir
Milk Capacity (Liters / Day) 6-13 Litres 15 Litres

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