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About Jharkhand Gramin Bank

For the development of the Gramin economy, the concept of rural banks is really marvellous. These rural banks are both, directly and indirectly, enhancing the development in the field of agriculture, commerce, different trades and many other financial activities. There are 24 districts in Jharkhand and out of them almost 15 Jharkhand districts are having Gramin bank facility. Total 224 Gramin bank branches are there which are controlled by the regional rural bank offices. There are mainly four regional offices in Jharkhand (Jharkhand Gramin Bank – JGB).

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The facilities available in the JGB

To Jharkhand Gramin Bank,  the satisfaction of their customers is the main concern. Their main aim is to serve the customers who are coming to them. Resolving the problems of the customers should have the utmost importance. They try to help the customers in all possible ways. The telephone number of the Ranchi branch is 0651-2202120/6450373. You can also mail them stating your problem.

These banks are abiding by the laws of Jharkhand high court. All the duties of the officers are restricted by the law. Mainly it is decided by the board of directors. If somebody breaks the rules jharkhand police is always active to take of that. The administrative system of Jharkhand districts is very good. There is always a solution to any kind of problem.

Jharkhand Gramin bank Branches

Jharkhand Gramin bank is having several branches in all over Jharkhand. These branches in Jharkhand districts are giving the financial security to the people living in the rural areas.  These banks are giving the high-interest rate for savings accounts and a very nominal interest rate for the loan account. These facilities are really alluring for the rural people. These banks have many relaxations in compared to the other banks.

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The popularity of the Gramin banks is enhancing day by day. Especially the service of the Jharkhand Gramin Bank are remarkably good. They are very much concerned about the benefit of the customers. The environment here is very customer friendly. People of Jharkhand districts can also solve their problem by sending emails at the head office. This bank is having their own website. People can get all the information related to it there.


Jharkhand Gramin Bank IFSC Code is BKID0JHARGB

Important Details of Jharkhand Gramin Bank


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