Madhya Pradesh State

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About Madhya Pradesh State

Madhya Pradesh is one among the 29 states of India which is located in the Central India and is bordered with Rajasthan which is located on the north-west, Chhattisgarh which is located on the south-east and west side, Uttar Pradesh which is located on the north-east, Gujarat which is located on the west and Maharashtra which is located on the South. The capital of Madhya Pradesh is Bhopal. The state is shortened as “MP”

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Madhya Pradesh Population

The Population of Madhya Pradesh state is about 72,626,809 which is the 05th largest state in Indian population and the Madhya Pradesh 32 Districts are covering with an area of 308,252 square kilometers (or) 119,017 square miles which is 02nd largest state in Indian area.

Madhya Pradesh Language

The official and native language of Madhya Pradesh state is “Hindi (मध्य प्रदेश)” because of most widely spoken language.

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Formation of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh had formed on the year 01st November of 1956 and the state code is “MP”.

Indian States of MP Symbols

River Narmada
Animal Barasingha
Bird Dudhraj
Flower Lilly
Tree Banyan

MP Culture

The culture of Madhya Pradesh is known for its folk music and classical dance which includes  Hindustani classical music Gharanas, Gwalior Gharana, Senia Gharana and Gwalior Gharana etc and folk dances of Karma, Matki, Badhai, Naurata, Bhagoria, Rai, Saila, Ganguar, Baredi and Ahiri. It contains the different religions of Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islam, Buddhism and Christianity.

Forts in MP State

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Madhyapradesh Districts

According to Madhya Pradesh wiki, the state of MP Map has divided into 51 districts where these districts again divided into 10 divisions which includes Bhopal Division, Chambal Division, Gwalior Division, Indore Division, Jabalpur Division, Narmadapuram Division, Rewa Division, Sagar Division, Shahdol Division and Ujjain Division. Each division has divided MP districts, by area Jharsuguda is the smallest city and Mayurbhanj is the largest city and the state 30 Districts are the following:

S. No. Name of Division Administration Districts
1 Bhopal Division HQ=Bhopal Bhopal district
Districts=5 Raisen district
Rajgarh district
Sehore district
Vidisha district
2 Chambal Division HQ=Morena Morena district
Districts=3 Sheopur district
Bhind district
3 Gwalior Division HQ=Gwalior Gwalior district
Districts=5 Ashoknagar district
Shivpuri district
Datia district
Guna district
4 Indore Division HQ=Indore Alirajpur district
Districts=8 Barwani district
Burhanpur district
Indore district
Dhar district
Jhabua district
Khandwa district
Khargone district
5 Jabalpur Division HQ=Jabalpur Balaghat district
Districts=8 Chhindwara district
Jabalpur district
Katni district
Mandla district
Narsinghpur district
Seoni district
Dindori district
6 Narmadapuram Division HQ=Betul Betul district
Districts=3 Harda district
Hoshangabad district
7 Rewa Division HQ=Rewa Rewa district
Districts=4 Satna district
Sidhi district
Singrauli district
8 Sagar Division HQ=Sagar Chhatarpur district
Districts=5 Damoh district
Panna district
Sagar district
Tikamgarh district
9 Shahdol Division HQ=Shahdol Anuppur district
Districts=3 Shahdol district
Umaria district
Dindori district
10 Ujjain Division HQ=Ujjain Agar Malwa district
Districts=7 Dewas district
Mandsaur district
Neemuch district
Ratlam district
Shajapur district
Ujjain district
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Madhyapradesh Rivers

The following are the few Rivers of MP which flows through the state:

  • Narmada River
  • Chambal River
  • Betwa River
  • Ken River
  • Shipra River
  • Son River
  • Mahi River
  • Dhasan River
  • Tawa River
  • Wainganga River
  • Godavari River
  • Parbati River
  • Sindh River
  • Jamni River

MP State Government Departments

Institutions in MP


Schemes of MP

Important details of MP State

  • Madhya Pradesh Website:
  • MP Governor: Smt Anandiben Patel
  • Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister: Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan
  • MP Support Mail:
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