What is demonoid.me and what is the purpose of it?

What is Demonoid.me and what is the purpose of it?

Demonoid.me is one of oldest communities for tracking torrent. It is not fully private but a half private torrent tracker. There have been a lot of controversies going around centering Demonoid me, so it has kept itself aloof from the outside for a while now. In the year 2014, this site emerged once again with a new name Demonoid pw.

From the year 2015, if users have got any ad blockers then before entering the Demonoid.pw he or she needs to disable the ad blocker else they won’t be allowed to access the website. At the beginning of the year 2017, this website again shut themselves down temporarily due to some internal issues going on in their organization. After a couple of months, it came back again. With other popular sites shutting down rapidly and lawsuits filed against them, many torrent users shifted to torrent websites like Demonoid as an alternative to their regular torrent sites.

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You have to be very careful while searching for Demonoid online as they have got many fake websites and malicious sites. Do not visit Demonoid.tv or Demonoid.to. These are fake websites and can hack through your device to steal personal log in information.

The official domain names for this website are http://demonoid.pw and http://demonoid.Click


Although Demonoid.me has gone offline for quite a number of time now when it comes back it’s like it was never gone. It has gained quite a popularity in spite of its sudden disappearances. Since this site came back after resolving few technical and other political issues it might contain some bugs but overall it is running as a fully fledged torrent site. Users who already have an account with Demonoid do not need to worry as they have restored their website from a backup done in a database recently. If you had an account opened in Demonoid previously then you just have to log in.

The owner of Demonoid pw has revealed that all these sudden disappearances were mainly due to some wrong people who had control of the website. They betrayed the owner. So in order to remove them and replace them with a new technical team needed some time and effort. So the owner thought that it would be best to go offline while their organization’s situation was turbulent. But now as the owner says, everything is steady and is back to normal.

So it seems that one of oldest torrent communities is going to be here for a long haul to provide their users unlimited entertainment for free.