Goa State – The Land of Beaches

About Goa State

Goa State is one among the 29 states of India which is located in the Western Region inside the coastal region also know as “Konkan” and is bordered with Maharashtra which is located on the North and Karnataka which is located on the east forming with the Arabian Sea at its western coast. The Capital City of Goa is the Panaji (Panjim) and “Vasco Da Gama” is the largest city.

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City of Goa Population

The Population of Goa state is about 1,817,000 which is the 26th largest state in the population of India and the Goa Districts are covering with an area of 3,702 square kilometres (or) 1,429 square miles, which comes 29th on the area basis.

Goa halls
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The official and native language of Goa state are “Konkani” because approx. 57% of the population will use Konkani language and the additional language is “Marathi” may also be used “For all (or) any other official purposes”.

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Formation of Goa State

Goa state came into existence on the year 30th May of 1987 under the state reorganization Act. The High Court of Goa is the apex judicial body in the state.

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Indian State of Goa Symbols

The following are the symbols of Goa State:

  • The Goa State Tree is “Coconut Palm Trees” where the City of Goa is also known for its “Coconut Cultivation”
  • Holiday Destinations Designated by Goa Tourism and its Culture
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Goa Tourism

  • The Primary Industry of Goa is “Tourism” which is famous for its beaches, worshipping places etc. It is one of the Top 15 Popular Tourist Places in India
  • Coastal areas of Goa generally focused by the tour of Goa State
  • In winter mostly foreign peoples of Europeans will visit the Goa which India will visit the City of Goa the time of Monsoon and Summer.
  • There are also many museums includes Goa State Museum, Naval Aviation Museum, Museum of Christian Art etc

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Goa Districts

The districts of Goa are divided into 02 under 08 divisions as the following:

  • South Goa (05 divisions)
  • North Goa (03 divisions)

Goa Districts

Goa Rivers

The following are the rivers of Goa that are flowing through the State:

  • Mandovi River
  • Zuari River
  • Sal River
  • Chapora River
  • Terekhol River
  • Masupa River

Important Details of Goa