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The Government of Uttar Pradesh

The Government of Uttar Pradesh is nothing but a democratic State Government of India. In this state Government of UP, the Governor can be the head who is appointed by the Honorable President of India. Governor here is likely to stay for a time-frame of five years unless there is an impeachment. He/she is there in order to select the Chief Minister of the state along with its council of the ministers for UP Government.

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More on the UP Government

The Chief Minister along with his ministers basically vested with various legislative powers and executive powers. At the same time, Governor works as a ceremonial head of state. On the other hand, CM along with the ministry of the council there to perform all the government functions. The influence of UP Government on the Indian politics always considered as very significant and important since it has the most number of the MP to both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha.

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The Government of UP Legislature

  • The government of Uttar Pradesh is basically governed by the parliamentary system of the representative democracy. This state is one of those 7 Indian states where the legislature knew to be bicameral consisting of two different houses Legislative Council (Vidhan Parishad) and Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha).
  • Legislative Assembly of UP basically consists of 404 members elected for a period of 5 years. On the other hand, the Legislative Council regarded as the permanent body that consists of exactly 100 members. Among these 100 members, one-third portions or to be precise 33 members required to retire every two years.
  • Due to this state’s highest number of the legislature in the national parliament, Government of Uttar Pradesh always considered holding importance in Indian politics. UP is there to contribute 80 seats to lower house aka Lok Sabha as well as it contributes 31 seats to upper house aka Rajya Sabha.
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UP Government Executive

Governor is the constitutional head of the state. The Chief Minister appointed by the Governor. CM is the head of the council of the ministers which in turn comprises of Ministers of State and Cabinet Ministers. Each and every department of the Government of Uttar Pradesh headed by a specific minister. Additional Chief Secretary is there in order to assist the minister.

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There is the official website of Government of Uttar Pradesh available on the internet. The citizens of the state allowed to visit this site for their convenience. You, being a citizen of UP, can anytime visit for your convenience. All your queries and problems regarding Government of Uttar Pradesh supposed to take care of on this site.

Important Details of UP Government

  • The Government of Uttar Pradesh Official Website:
  • UP Government Facebook:
  • The Government of UP Twitter:
  • UP Government Secretariat Office: Director, Suchna Bhawan, Park Road Department of Information & Public Relations Lucknow – 226 001
  • The Government of UP Support Mail:
  • UP Government State Chief Minister: Yogi Adityanath (BJP)