Know about the µTorrent in and out


µTorrent considered being a proprietary BitTorrent client which developed and owned by the BitTorrent, Inc. It has more than 150 million users making it the most used BitTorrent client outside Asian giant China. Moreover, globally it is only behind Xunlei.

µTorrent History

The µTorrent program has really been in the active development since its advent in the year 2005. Ludvig Strigeus originally created this platform but it reportedly taken over by the BitTorrent, Inc since Dec 2006. Later the code of this program employed by the BitTorrent, Inc as the basis for the version 6.0. All the versions of this program written in C++ language.

µTorrent SizeµTorrent website

µTorrent free download feature has benefitted millions of users around the world so far.  This program is basically shipped as the single compressed executable file which is to install at the first go. This small executable compressed file is basically achieved by properly avoiding the use of so many libraries such as stream facilities and standard libraries. Thereafter this file is eventually compressed to half of its linked and compiled size with the usage of UPX.

Operating System Support

µTorrent program is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows as well as Android. On the other hand, it is also available for the Linux platform. The first ever version of this program suitable for Mac OS X was reportedly released on November 2008.

 µTorrent Revenue

  • In its initial versions, the creator of µTorrent, Strigeus, built this program in its web direction via the nano-torrent for the various search queries provided through search bars shown advertisements in a frame on a browser.
  • On the other hand, its later versions had a feature ‘search all sites’. It is nothing but key-board dependent search bars delivering the listings of the torrents files at various trackers.

More on the µTorrent

  • This µTorrent download program created in order to utilize minimal computer resources but still providing the functionalities comparable to other various large BitTorrent clients like BitComet, Vuze etc.
  • Before you use this program, you supposed to do some extensive research about its methods of using and other different aspects. Nevertheless, it considered being quite easy and efficient to use this site. Even if you are a beginner, you less likely to face any difficulties while accessing the site. The more you use this site, the better you will get at it for sure. Still, a little amount of prior research always recommended for you.

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