from being the best movie website to a malicious website!

Primewire in its prime

This was one of the best pirate linking website on the internet. Every day millions of people visited the Primewire to enjoy free movies and TV shows. There was almost each and every piece of media available on this website. People were also able to download the media. All you had to do is log in to this website and get your favorite movies on the go. Despite few ISP blockades, there was no problem with this website at all.

Benefits of this website

This website was everything you want a pirate linking site to be and more. Here are few of the benefits you could have expected out of this website: –

  • Primewire movies were absolutely free. You did not even have to create an account to get the media from this website. All you had to do is visit this website, search for the movies you want and just get it! This was all free of cost which was an important reason for the popularity of this website. website
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  • It was very easy to access and operate. The instructions to download a media file were explicitly mentioned on the website which made it very easy to operate. There was no ambiguity in the downloading process of this website.
  • Most of the media on this website was of high quality. You can even get movies in 1080p which is the highest quality of video you can get. However, for the new releases, you can also get videos recorded from a camera whose quality may not be that good.

What happened to this website?

This website turned malicious. Recently whenever you would select a movie instead of taking you to the copy of the movie this website would take you to the unwanted advertisement. This started to happen every time. Whenever you select any kind of media you would be redirected to an advertisement page where you may even be asked to give your credit card details in order to create a free account.

This all happened when DNS updated to EuroDNS. Now, you will not be able to get any media from this website. Any kind of link related to this website is now all changed. Every single link will take you to the malicious advertising page. People all over the world were affected by this change as they were no longer able to get free media. They are all waiting for Primewire unblocked anxiously!

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