Things you need to know about bit torrent before accessing it


Bit Torrent regarded as some kind of communication protocol for the effective peer to peer file sharing process. This effective and useful file sharing process used to efficiently distribute electronic files and other data on the internet. Get the brief info on BitTorrent from here.

More on Bit Torrent

  • BitTorrent is basically nothing but very common but useful protocols which used to transfer very large files like various digital video files including video clips, TV shows, movies etc. The peer to peer network service known to be contributing 43% to 70% of the total internet traffic.
  • The BitTorrent download facility has really been benefiting people all around the world. The internet users are being able to download different kinds of content for absolutely free. Using or downloading BitTorrent site considered to be illegal in many countries. It is the complete responsibilities of the users to use such sites on their own.

bit torrent website


  • BitTorrent protocol generally used to reduce network and server impact to distribute the large files. Instead of downloading files from any single server, this protocol is there to allow the users to effectively join the swarm of the hosts for uploading or downloading from the each other at the same time.
  • This protocol is nothing but some kind of alternative to its older single source as well as multiple sources techniques to distribute data. Utilizing this protocol, various computers are likely to replace several large servers while effectively providing files to different recipients. The lower bandwidth usage is there to prevent the large spikes in the internet traffic.


  • BitTorrent simply known as a program that implements BitTorrent protocol. Each of such clients is likely to prepare, request and transmit different kind of computer file over the internet. A computer or peer at first creates a very small file known as ‘torrent’. It has metadata about itself which is to shared.
  • On the other hand, the other peer that wants to download this file required to get the torrent file and need to connect to the particular tracker. That eventually tells it to download the other pieces of the file in the same way.


BitTorrent is a great program or protocol used by millions of internet users each week. But as a user, you required to be responsible and alert while using this program. From legal point of view, one should not use such program. Then again, since millions of people are effectively using it, law can’t just put all these people behind the bars.

BitTorrent Website: https://www.bittorrent.com/bittorrent-free