UP agriculture – Schemes of the Government for Farmers

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About UP agriculture

Agriculture is the main base of Indian economy. The state policies are different in a different state. In Uttar Pradesh, honorable Chief Minister Shri Adityanath Yogi took steps to improve in the agriculture condition in the state and implementation is in under control of Agriculture minister Shri Surya Pratap Shahi. UP agriculture department launched Pardarshi Kisan  Seva Yojna (PKSY) for the farmers.

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Scheme under PKSY

With special backing, the government is ready to serve the farmers to encourage their working spirit and repeatedly government is helping with a various project for the better crop.

  • As a farmer, irrigation management for cropping is totally free and the government will take initiative to do that.
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  • Old debt of the farmers has condoned and new loans of 1800 cores sanctioned from the Co-operative bank for 7.57 lakh farmers in the state.
  • If any kind of casualty happens, 7 lakhs will paid to his/her family.
  • In upagri, do not need to pay sieving charge and downloading charge of wheat in the Mandi. Mandi Parishad will be liable to pay for the service.
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  • The government are giving grant on tested and certified seeds of a gram, wheat, pea, mustard, lentil etc. and the amount will sent directly to the farmers account through D.B.T. under this scheme. More than 20 lakhs farmers enlisted their name by registration. All details are given in up.nic.in.
  • Water is a big problem for the farmers in UP. To solve the program, Dr Manohar Lohia 3000 tube wells project has launched. In this project, 380 state tube wells and solar-powered tube wells inaugurated in Chandauli district and 16 canals based pump has started for the independent feeders.
  • If a farmer needs any kind of help from the department of agriculture, they can call 18001801551 for assistance. Queries will solve as much as possible. In agriculture.com, you can get the detail descriptions of cropping. Get the further help from the website.

Farmer’s regulation

Beside of that, some important issues are there in agriculture. Agriculture goes under the different process of quality checking of the soils, seeds, fertilizer, and pesticide etc. because these are the important things which affect the crop production. Government body regulated some policies over the several processes.

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Register your name on the official site so that you can get the benefit of the schemes. In the site, the online application form has given. Fill it with proper information and submit it. Buyers of crops to the seller of crops, all are notified to register their name immediately to get all kind of benefit under agriculture UP.

Important Details of UP agriculture

  • UP agriculture Website: http://upagriculture.com/
  • Agricultural Minister: Sri Surya Pratap Shahi
  • UP agricultural Minister: Sri Ranvendra Pratap Singh
  • agriculture UP helpline numbers: 7235090578, 8795617569
  • UP agriculture Support Mail: dbt.validation@gmail.com
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