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UP Police

UP Police is known to be a law enforcement organization of Uttar Pradesh. The headquarters of UP Police situated in the city of Allahabad. The Director General of Police will consider being the head of this police agency who is a ranked IPS officer. OM Prakash Singh is currently holding the post of DGP of UP.

Uttar Pradesh
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UP Police has regarded as the biggest police agency in the world. This police force or agency has existed in the year 1863 as Office of inspector general of the police. Moreover, it has basically formed under a particular act aka Police Act 1861. UP Police is completely governed and controlled by the Department of the Home and Confidential of the UP Government.

Government of Uttar Pradesh
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The current police agency of UP existed on the recommendation of Police Commission which headed by the H.M Court in the year 1860 as well as enacted as Police Act 1861. The H.M Court eventually became first-ever inspector general of the police of the Avadh and North West Province of that time. It was nothing but the territory of the present UP state. Ever since its inception, many amendments in the Police Act have made and it shaped and influenced the current police system in many different ways.

UP Police
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  • The Director General of the Police will basically assist by plenty of police officers in maintaining the law and order of UP. The UP State has basically divided into 8 different police zones for maintaining the law and order of the state properly. Each of the 8 zones controlled by an officer holding rank of the additional director general of the police. This office will choose through IPS. That apart, every police zone has known to form with 2 (or) 3 police ranges.
  • The department also plans the UP Police Recruitment when they’re having any requirement.
  • In total, UP have 18 police ranges. On the other hand, every range is known to be constituted by 2-4 UP districts. 75 police districts are there in UP. Superintendent of the police is the head of the police district. He had assisted by the Additional Superintendents of the Police as well as deputy superintendents of the police. They, in turn, are the offices of Provincial Police Service.
Uttar Pradesh Districts
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The official website of UP Police will allow the citizen to visit for their convenience. They can post their complaints online on this site. On the other hand, all these questions & queries are answered and cleared

Important Details of UP Police
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