What do you need to know about the ETTV torrents?

ETTV torrents

ETTV is nothing but a group of up-loaders. It is to be a part of ExtraTorrent. They have been constantly uploading various contents through their official accounts on various sites like RARBG, 1337x, Piratebay and others. Get the ETTV Torrents information here.

More on ETTV torrents

  • ETTV torrents have been successfully carrying the name of Extra Torrent for a while now. Extra Torrent is no more there but still, it is there in the name of ETTV. For every month, this website used by millions of people. This site has recently launched the latest brand known as ETMovies.
  • After its advent to the internet world, ETTV website has turned into a popular brand over the time. The ET of their name is reportedly derived from the Extra Torrent. This website has also shared various movie and TV torrents on different torrent sites. As per the current scenario, they are still doing it successfully. ETTV has got their own website now for the convenience of their activities.
  • Millions of users have been sharing uploads of ETTV official website, thus making it even more popular day by day. This website has sort of becoming heroes and icons to many people out there for various reasons. The ETTV teams have said that the basic idea of this website is to share various online contents on the internet. The idea of starting ETTV primarily brought up by the Extra Torrent users.
ETTV Torrents website
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  • Initially, there was a demand for a group that will basically upload the scene releases even faster than EZTV. EZTV used to be the dominant and main TV-torrent distributing group back in 2011. This is how it all started for ETTV.
  • At that time EZTV was very much active in the business but they were only able to release contents hours after its original release. This made the users wait for hours to get the content. This is why there was a dire need of creating a group that could upload stuff a lot faster than EZTV. This is when ETTV made its entry to the scene.
  • ETHD and ETTV knew to run by the lines of codes. The whole distribution method automated and needs minimal intervention from the authority or people associated with it. A bot is there to grab the newest copies of the predefined shows from the private servers where these scene releases posted. It is then transferred to seedbox and eventually, torrents pushed out to the public on the site of ETTV.

ETTV Torrents Website: https://ettvtorrents.com