How to upload a video to YouTube?

YouTube Upload

Being one of the most popular media sources, YouTube has many different roles in an individual’s life. It can be your daily dose of entertainment if you are away from or any kind of means to entertain you except for your mobile and an internet connection. YouTube helps you share videos and upload them anytime and anywhere you want. It is a vast platform and you can find every kind of video and help that you want to. Ranging from baking to repairing, you have all that you need within your fingertips. However, YouTube lets you earn. And you can do that by uploading videos and sharing them. Once you get the desired number of viewers and subscribers to your channel, you get a sum accordingly from YouTube. Here are some of the methods on how to do YouTube upload:

You need to copy your file

Make sure to copy your video file from your camera to our computer. If you want to make any basic changed or edit you can do those and then upload the video. YouTube supports a number of video file formats. Make sure that the file that you are uploading is of the format that YouTube supports. If not, then you can always convert the file from the internet servers which converts files.

Do log into your account?

You have to log into your account in YouTube for you to upload Youtube video that you desire. Without logging in, YouTube will not recognize your server and will not allow you to upload your video.

The upload icon

After you are done logging into your account, click on the upload icon that is located at the top of the homepage just right to the search bar. You need to choose the desired file that you want to upload.

The open button

After you are done with this process, click the open button that is visible and you will have your video uploaded in a jiffy.

The additional settings

YouTube upload is not as easy as it seems. There are additional settings that you need to keep in mind and take care of such as the thumbnail, the privacy settings, the additional settings etc. You even have the option of sharing your videos to make it more popular and increase your reach among the audience.

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