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Drive BC Highways

If you are a driver or you need to know specific information about a route or BC highways in British Columbia, there is a website where you can do it. Find more information about Drive BC below.

Where do I find information about routes and driving conditions of B.C.?

If you visit the official website of British Columbia, you will find a section called “Routes & Driving Conditions”, where you will find information about popular routes, road maps, and current road conditions and events.

On their website you can also report a problem online, find information about speed limits and about drivers and cyclists, and you can check a tool called DriveBC with useful options like maps.Drive BC Website

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What can I find on DriveBC?

DriveBC is the website where you can consult multiple things about roads and BC highways. If you go to the view map, you can select the specific things that you want to see. You can choose among: incident, current planned event, future planned event, dynamic message sign, web camera, variable speed sign, weather forecast, current weather, high elevation weather, inland ferry, metro-van traffic flow, BC stop of interest sign, provincial rest areas.

You can select multiple options from the ones mentioned above and you can choose to see the whole province or just certain areas.

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DriveBC also has a section with a schedule of the conditions and events and another one with a webcam list, where you can see transmissions from different roads or BC highways.

The website also has a very useful option if you are going to travel or you are planning a trip. This option is called “Plan Your Route”. When you go there you have to introduce your start and end destination. The website will show the shortest route with step-by-step instructions to get there in Canada. You will also see event information that will be along the route, like BC Highways Webcams. Once you are done checking it, you can add notes and/or print the instructions.

Drive BC Website:

Drive BC Highways Toll-Free Number: 1800 550 4997

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