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The animal husbandry up falls under one of those departments in the ministry of Uttar Pradesh. This department is one of the essential departments of the Uttar Pradesh. Since there are several farmers out there whose lives depend on the animal husbandry. Working with animals and giving the supply of dairy products such as meat, milk, and eggs in dairy food and wool from the sheep for the clothing.

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Taking care of the breeding condition of these animals is their responsibility

Also the hides of the animals such as bullocks and cows are used for the purpose of providing as a source of power for these people. Thus the pashupalan vibhag up has a lot of work and functions to serve and thus are one of the most important department of ministries in Uttar Pradesh. Gir Cow is also most famous in India.

It is the job of the department to overlook or monitor the various products of livestock, all the steps taken to provide protection against the diseases. They are also responsible for bringing an amount of improvement in the quality of stocks.

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They purpose to bring an improvement in the lives of livestock by animal husbandry up

Thus anything to do which strives towards bringing an improvement in the live stocks and the defence against the diseases is what this department deals with. They have great priority because in Uttar Pradesh, the livelihood of all the farmers depends on the he workings of this particular department. Also, the department is responsible for the handling of all those matters or problems which are related to the Milk scheme as well as the development of the national dairy.

It does not end just here. All the matters related to the fisheries has also looked after by this department.

The department makes sure to look after the livestock animals and strive towards bringing an improvement in the quality of the wool produced or the quality of milk given by the cows. Thus the condition in which they are kept and bred has all looked after by this pashudhan uttar Pradesh.

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Services of Animal Husbandry UP

Animal Husbandry UP providing the services of the following:

1. Service Rules of Veterinary Cadre/पशु चि कित्सा संवर्ग की सेवा नियमावली
2. Job Chart of Veterinary Cadre Officers
3. Posting Position Class-I
4. Posting Position Class-II
5. Service Detail Class-1
6. Service Detail Class-II
7. Gradation of Veterinary Cadre
8. Service Rules of Stenographers/स्टेनोग्राफर्स संवर्ग की सेवा नियमावली
9. Service Rules of Drivers/वाहन चालक संवर्ग की सेवा नियमावली
10. Sevice Rules of Livestock Extension Officer 2002 /पशुधन प्रसार अधिकारी संवर्ग की सेवा नियमावली 2002
11. Sevice Rules of Livestock Extension Officer 2002 /पशुधन प्रसार अधिकारी संवर्ग की सेवा नियमावली 2013

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