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WHMIS Training

If you live and work in Canada and you are constantly manipulating certain chemicals and substances, you should be aware of what you and your employer have to do in order to ensure your safety. This is where WHMIS enters the game. Find more information about the WHMIS training below.

What is WHMIS?

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System or WHMIS was created to ensure the safety of employers and their employees while they are at the workplace and are exposed to hazardous materials.

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WHMIS is keeping employers and workers informed of the possible dangers and hazards that associated with the substances and chemicals they exposed to while working. Besides keeping them informed, WHMIS also consists of inadequate labeling of the containers of the substances, providing safety data sheets, also called SDSs, and offering worker education and training programs.

Last time regulations modified was in 2015, when new ones where added, and those changes take full effect in 2018. To read all the regulations, visit the website of WHMIS, www.whmis.org.

How does WHMIS work?WHMIS training

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System involves 3 key aspects:

1. Labeling

Employers have to make sure that all WHMIS controlled products stored, received or used by their company identified with appropriate labels. Employees must be able to understand the content of labels.

Suppliers also responsible for this part, they are label the products. Labels must be in English and French.

2. SDSs

Suppliers and manufacturers must prepare SDSs with information about the possible fire, health, environmental and reactivity hazards posed by a specific product, and procedures to manage them properly.

3. Education and training

Employers required by law to provide education and training to all their employees who exposed to hazardous materials at the workplace.

The must receive education about hazard classes, pictograms, labels and what they mean; SDSs and how to locate information in them; and training about using hazardous materials safely at the workplace.

WHMIS Website: http://whmis.org

WHMIS Contact Number: 1-800-668-4284