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CEO UP: Elections are a messy affair in most states and countries. To handle these affairs is a huge responsibility. A CEO or Chief Electoral Officer is the one who presides over these elections or is the person who is responsible for taking care of the elections. In some of the provinces or commonwealth countries. They do have many duties and they take care of these duties with utmost dedication. As they are the ones who hold responsibility for the electing government for a certain amount of time period.

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Electoral duties as presided by CEO Uttar Pradesh

The chief electoral officer of uttar pradesh has many responsibilities that he has to take care of and fulfil them responsibly. The CEO UP takes care of the preparation, the revision and the correction of the electoral roll supervising all these with an iron hand. He or she also the duty and responsibility of supervising how the elections are going or conducting the elections in the whole state of Uttar Pradesh peacefully.

The CEO Uttar Pradesh is basically nominated by the Electoral Commission of India. The Election Commission of India gives designation to a worthy person who they think is capable of conducting the duties that are provided with full responsibility. The duties that have to be performed by the ceouttarpradesh have been clearly stated in the Representation of the People Act, 1950 and 1951.

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The responsibilities of the CEO are huge and since the person presides over all the elections in the country, it does pose a huge burden on him to take care of the responsibilities that will shape the future of the state and country as well. He or she is also responsible for taking care of the election expenditure and the code of conduct as the Election commission of India has defined. You can find all the information on the CEO offical portal.

Polity Facts of CEO UP

Assembly Constituencies 403
Parliamentary Constituencies 80
Ruling Party Samajwadi Party
Opposition Party Bahujan Samaj Party
Governor Ram Naik
Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav
Chief Electoral Officer T. Venkatesh

Important forms of CEO Uttar Pradesh

The following are the important forms including form – 06, form – 07, form – 08, form – 8A, form – 001 A. ERMS Guidelines forms etc of CEO Uttar Pradesh and you can download here:

फार्म- 6 ( नया नाम जोड़ने हेतु)

( नाम कटवाने हेतु) फार्म- 7

फार्म- 8 ( नाम संशोधन हेतु)

( मतदेय स्थल परिवर्तन हेतु) फार्म- 8 A 

फार्म- 001 A
ERMS Guidelines
Installation Guidelines
User Manual
ERO Manual
EPIC Manual
Digital Signature Form

 Important Details of CEO UP