Dharani Telangana Land Records-ధరణి తెలంగాణ – Pattadar Passbooks

About Dharani Telangana Land Records

Dharani Telangana (ధరణి తెలంగాణ): On Mar of 2018 the Telangana State government has Distribution Program of Free Passbooks to the agricultural farmers, these brand new Pattadar Passbooks contain the information of farmers land records.

The “Land and Reforms based Registration Policy” which has effective and transparent introduced by the Telangana Government. This Telangana Dharani process (ధరణి ఆన్లైన్ పోర్టల్) operated online by “Core Banking System” on Portal is known as “Dharani” (ధరణి) similar to “Telangana Pahani” &  TS Online Portal 

For distribution of Pattadar passbooks or cheques under Rythu Bandhu scheme Telangana Chief Minister Mr KCR in addition “Input Assistance (Subsidy) Scheme” will be introduced.

Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme
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In order to eradicate the corruption, the government had uploaded all necessary details regarding “Telangana Webland” so the Telangana state has introduced brand new land reforms.

Webland Telangana
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Distribution Program of Free Passbook to the Farmers – Pattadar Passbooks

  • The government had implemented this distribution program as an ideal and this passbook contains the details of “Telangana Pahani” land records which are located with the agencies of Telangana government.
  • Later on the official portal (Dharani), all the details of LRUP will be updated just like a Core Banking System process
  • The land transactions updated on the official portal regular basis so the Telangana people can utilize this information for the purchase and sale of the land. Because of this operation, the Telangana government has created an IT wing in order to update the details.
  • The process of administration of land and maintenance of records taken over by the Telangana Revenue Department.
  • So this will outcome with a brand new corruption free and transparent “Land and Reforms based Registration Policy”
  • The distribution of band new passbooks and an Input Subsidy Scheme has implemented on 11th Mar of 2018.
  • And at each Mandal office, the farmers should avail the facility of their registration has announced by the Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao
  • In addition to removing corruption, the Telangana government launching the brand new reforms. It will put an end to fake documents for the land registration along with Land records maintenance process.
Telangana Dharani
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At last, This is the easing process for the agricultural farmers and also other peoples. So now the candidates need not to visit the land department offices.  Only for one time, they should visit the registration office for eradicating the corruption in the future. And also appropriately the Telangana government will strengthen the maintenance of land records. Along with the other reforms through the official portal Dharani for each transaction record.

Important Details of Telangana Dharani Land Records