Karmik Vibhag UP – Department of Personnel

The Karmik Vibhag is one of important Departments of UP

The karmik vibhag up deals with the appointment and personnel in Uttar Pradesh, All the matters which are related to the training, the posting of the transfers, sending personnel to foreign assignments as well as providing them with the required training is what the department related to appointment is completely responsible for.

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Role of the karmik vibhag

The department also responsible fit the monitoring in compliance as well as the settlement of the PCS, IAS, and the PCS-J. However for the monitoring and settlement of the PCS-J can only be done if the department has made a consultation with the High Court, the department for the personnel on the other hand deals with the providing of the opinion to the Secretary administration department as well as all ethos Esther department when it comes to the matter conditioning the service.

What is the job of the department of the personnel?

The personnel department also provides the various regulations who needs to be followed if recruitment needs to b done for the serviceman which are subordinate to the department niyuktionline.

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It is the chief minister who acts as the minuter of the entire department of the appointment and the personnel. There is also an additional secretary who monitors the workings and proceedings of the department of the niyukti online and department of the personnel. The head of this department in terms of administration is the IAS officer.

Department falls under the jurisdiction of up

The department falls under the jurisdiction of the state of the Uttar Pradesh. The headquarter is located at Lucknow within the Lal Bahadur Shashtri Bhawan. It is the annex building and there is the Sarojini Naidu Marg. It also acts as an office building for the department.

There are several functions which need to fulfill by this department. They deal with the formation of the regulations and the rules for the officers of the government, the services as well as the rules related to it. All those questions related to the legislative assembly answered by this department. There is also the up Dias officers list you can look into.

Important Details of Karmik Vibhag UP