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Revenue Services BC

If you are getting coverage from Medical Service Plan (MSP) in British Columbia, you pay your premiums through Revenue Services of British Columbia. It can also be used to make any payment. Find more information on Revenue Services BC.

What are the Revenue Services of British Columbia?

If you need to make a payment to the government of BC Province, Canada, you usually do it through Revenue Services of British Columbia. They can be done in different ways. Get the Revenue Services BC Contact details from here.Revenue service BC

How do I pay my MSP premiums?

Pay MSP premiums through bank or financial institution, pre-authorized debit, credit card, by mail or at a government office. You will receive an invoice monthly with amount of money you have to pay from Revenue Services British Columbia.

If you do it through your bank or financial institution, you will need to check how to do it, but in general, it has done at your online banking account, in an automated teller machine (ATM), by telephone banking or in person with a teller.

Prefer pre-authorized debit, you can request to have a withdrawn of payments from banks by mail, phone or fax.

Through mail, you will have to do it eight days before due date and you can do only it by cheque, bank draft or money order. Made payable to the Minister of Finance through the mail.bc revenue services image

If you do it at a government office, you can do it by cash, debit, credit card, etc. Made payable to the Minister of Finance, at a Service BC Centre.

By using your credit card, you can make your payment online. Get Revenue Services BC Contact or by calling 1 877 405-4909. You can only use Visa, MasterCard or Apex.

Payments online through Revenue Services British Columbia will usually apply to your account within two business days and if you have any problem you can contact them by email,, or by phone at 604-660-2421 in Vancouver, 250-387-6121 in Victoria or at their Toll-free, 1-800-663-7867.

Revenue Services of British Columbia Website:

The contact number of Revenue Services in BC: 1 877 405-4909

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