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If you live and work in British Columbia, you should know that there are certain safety standards that companies and workplaces have to follow and that there is an organization that is in charge of ensuring the safety of workers. This organization is called WorkSafeBC or WSBC. Find more information about it below.

What is WorkSafeBC?

WorkSafeBC (WSBC) is the legal jurisdiction that has the responsibility of setting and enforcing the standards of professional health & safety in British Columbia, Canada. It assists disabled or injured workers, assess employers and collects funds to operate WSBC.

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WSBC controls the “Workers Compensation of Act” for the British Columbia Ministry of Labor. According to law, businesses in British Columbia that hire full-time, part-time, contract or casual workers have to register with WSBC. However, businesses that do not have employees are not required to register for WSBC but might be eligible for Personal Option Protection. Get the WorkSafe BC clearance letter from the official website of the WorkSafe BC.

What is Personal Option Protection?

Personal Option Protection (POP) is a workplace disability that is available for those who are not covered under the Workers Compensation Act. It includes those who self – employed, proprietor spouses, partners, and proprietors in a non – limited company.
POP protects against wage loss and might provide rehabilitation and medical services in case you injured on the jobIf you want to know if you are eligible, apply online and answer the questions.

Where do I check regulations and standards?worksafe bc safe

Depending on the place the contractor will work and the characteristics of what he will do, certain regulations related to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) must follow.

You can read the complete OHS Regulation and Related Materials online to see the policies, guidelines, and WCB (Workers Compensation Board) standards, which must and should meet by all workplaces that are under the inspection authority of WorkSafeBC.

WorkSafe BC Office Locations

Lower Mainland Vancouver Island



2774 Trethewey StreetAbbotsford, BC 801 30th StreetCourtenay, BC


Health and Safety -Prevention
450-6450 Roberts Street 250. 334.8745
Sperling PlazaBurnaby, BC Toll free no in BC:1.800.663.7921

Port Moody

Fax Number: 250.334.8757
210-220 Brew StreetPort Moody, BC



4980 Wills RoadNanaimo, BC
#100-5500 152 Street Health and Safety -Prevention
Panorama Office ParkSurrey, BC 250.751.8040

Vancouver – Richmond (Headquarters)

Toll free no in BC:1.800.663.7382
Main Building Fax Number: 250.751.8046
6951 Westminster Highway Richmond, BC


B.C. Interior 4514 Chatterton WayVictoria, BC


Health and Safety -Prevention
321 Battle StreetKamloops, B.C. 250.881.3418
Health and Safety -Prevention Toll free no in BC:1.800.663.7593
250.371.6003 Fax Number: 250.881.3482
Toll free no in BC:1.800.663.3935 B.C. North
Fax Number: 250.371.6031

Fort St. John


9924 107th AvenueFort St. John, BC
110-2045 Enterprise WayKelowna, BC Health and Safety -Prevention
Health and Safety -Prevention 250.785.1283
250.717.4313 Toll free no in BC:1.800.663.4630
Toll free no in BC:1.888.922.4466 Fax Number: 250.785.8976
Fax Number: 250.717.4380

Prince George


1066 Vancouver StreetPrince George, BC
524 Kootenay StreetNelson, BC Health and Safety -Prevention
Health and Safety -Prevention 250.561.3700
250.352.2824 Toll free number in BC:1.800.663.6623
Toll free no in BC:1.800.663.4962 Fax Number: 250.561.3710
Fax Number: 250.352.1816


4450 Lakelse AvenueTerrace, BC
Health and Safety -Prevention
Toll free number in BC:1.800.663.3871
Fax Number: 250.615.6633

WorksafeBc Website:

Toll Free Number: 1.888.967.5377

Phone Number: 604.231.8888

Mailing Address:
Post Box Number: 5350 stn Terminal,
BC V6B 5L5


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