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The karmik vibhag up is also associated with the collection of the commercial tax. The head of the department is the IAS officer who is the senior and he plays the role of the Principal Secretary or the Commissioner Cum Secretary of the commercial tax department. So that the administration of the state is convenient, the state has been divided into 9 separate administrative divisions for Niyukti Online.

karmik vibhag up
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There are several separate divisions under the karmik vibhag up

There are also 7 divisions dealing with appeals and 4 divisions related to the appeals. All these divisions are led by the Joint Commissioner of the department of the commercial taxes for the administrate purposes in Uttar Pradesh. There is also the commissioner who is responsible for the appeal department and the one commissioner responsible for the heading of the audit department.

Thus there are three separate commissioners who are responsible for the heading of these three departments. In the level of the division and under the direct administration of the Joint Commissioner, there is also the bureau investigation. All the proceedings are done under the niyuktionline.

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The roles of the various sectors

  • The organisational strength of the department divided into several parts.
  • There are the posts for the finance services.
  • There are the additional commissioner, the joint commissioner, the Assisi commissioner, the deputy commissioner and the officer for the commercial taxes and thus there are an absolute total of about 408 posts.
  • The headquarters also further subdivided into the following sectors.

There is the taxation sector whose function is to deal with the value added taxes, the duty paid on electricity, the tax paid on environment, the various luxury and hotel taxes paid as well as tax on advertisement.

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Account and budget section looks after expenditure

There is the account and budget section whose job is to look after the expenditure, the payroll, planning as well as allocating money for the budgets. The HQ establishment deals with the posting of the staff members at the headquarters.

The section of the investigation bureau niyukti bhawan is also responsible for the protection of the theft against tax, for publishing the circulars of the departments. They are also responsible for the annual reports.

It was in the year 1964 that the department for the commercial taxes cam into existence. There are three members of the taxes tribunal. The niyukti bhavan also deals with the generation of the up ias officers list.

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