List of Meghalaya Districts Along with their District Maps

About Meghalaya Districts

Meghalaya State is located in the North Eastern region of India consists of 11 Meghalaya Districts covering with an area of 22,429 square kilometres (or) 8,660 square miles. The capital city of Meghalaya is “Shilong” and is also the largest city.

Division of Meghalaya Districts

The meghalaya map are divided into 03 divisions namely:

  1. Division of Jaintia Hills
  2. Khasi Hills Division
  3. Division of Garo Hills

The each division are consists of districts as the following:

Jaintia Hills Division

  • West Jaintia Hills
  • East Jaintia Hills

Division of Khasi Hills

  • East khasi hills
  • West Khasi Hills
  • South West Khasi Hills
  • Ri-Bhoi

Garo Hills Division

  • North Garo Hills
  • East Garo Hills
  • South Garo Hills
  • West Garo Hills
  • South West Garo Hills

The following are the List of districts of Meghalaya Along with their District Maps

Division of Jaintia Hills

West Jaintia Hills – http://westjaintiahills.gov.in

West Jaintia Hills
Image Source: www.onefivenine.com

East Jaintia Hills – http://eastjaintiahills.gov.in

East Jaintia Hills
Image Source: www.districteast jaintiahills.com

Division of Khasi Hills

East khasi hills – http://eastkhasihills.gov.in

east khasi hills
Image Source: www.onefivenine.com
West Khasi Hills – http://westkhasihills.gov.in

West Khasi Hills
Image Source: www.districtwestkhasihillscom
South West Khasi Hills – http://southwestkhasihills.gov.in

South West Khasi Hills
Image Source: www.districtSouthwestkhasihills.com
Ri-Bhoi – http://ribhoi.gov.in

Image Source: www.districtribhoi.com

Division of Garo Hills

North Garo Hills – http://northgarohills.gov.in

North Garo Hills
Image Source: www.districtnorthgarohills.com
East Garo Hills – http://eastgarohills.gov.in

East Garo Hills
Image Source: www.districteastgarohills.com

South Garo Hills – http://southgarohills.gov.in

South Garo Hills
Image Source: www.onefivenine.com
West Garo Hills – http://westgarohills.gov.in

West Garo Hills
Image Source: www.onefivenine.com
South West Garo Hills – http://southwestgarohills.gov.in

South West Garo Hills
Image Source: www.districtsouthwestgarohills.com

Important details of Meghalaya State