Meghalaya State – The Land of Red Rivers and Blue Hills

About Meghalaya

Meghalaya State is one among the 29 states of India which is located in the North Eastern Region and is bordered with divisions of Bangladesh including Sylhet and Mymensingh which is located on the south, Rangpur which is located on west, Assam which is located on the north and east. The capital city of ML is the Shilong and is also the largest city.

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Meghalaya Population

The Population of ML state is about 3,212,000 which is the 23rd largest state in Indian population and the Districts are covering with an area of 22,429 square kilometres (or) 8,660 square miles, which comes 23rd on the area basis.

ML Language

The official and native language of ML state is “English” and which is the wide;y spoken language and “Khasi” and “Garo” are the other languages which are spoken in the state.

Meghalaya State
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Formation of ML State

ML state came into existence on 21st Jan of 1972. The High Court of Meghalaya is the apex judicial body in the state.

Indian State of ML Symbols

The following are the symbols of ML State:

State animal Clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa)
bird Hill myna (Gracula religiosa)
State flower Lady’s Slipper Orchid (Paphiopedilum insigne)
State tree Gamhar (Gmelina arborea)

Holiday Destinations Designated by ML Tourism and Culture

  • ML state consists of thickest forests which resembles the eco – tourism in the country.
  • There are many popular waterfalls including Shadthum falls, Bishop Falls, Langshiang falls, Elephant falls, Weinia falls, Nohkalikai falls and Sweet falls.
  • The state has its own culture of tradition, language and dress for each tribe of Garos, Jaintias and Khasis.
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Meghalaya Districts

Meghalaya Map illustrates that Shillong is the capital of this north eastern state and is also the largest city. The land territory consists of 11 ML Districts which are divided into 03 divisions and the following are the districts of ML State:

Jaintia Hills Division
West Jaintia Hills (Jowai)
East Jaintia Hills (Khliehriat)
Khasi Hills Division
East Khasi Hills (Shillong)
West Khasi Hills (Nongstoin)
South West Khasi Hills (Mawkyrwat)
Ri-Bhoi (Nongpoh)
Garo Hills Division
North Garo Hills (Resubelpara)
East Garo Hills (Williamnagar)
South Garo Hills (Baghmara)
West Garo Hills (Tura)
South West Garo Hills (Ampati)
Meghayala Government

Meghalaya Public Service Commission

ML State Rivers

The following are the few Rivers of ML which flows through the ML state:

  • Myntdu River
  • Digaru River
  • Someshwari River
  • Kopili River
  • Kulsi River
  • Jinari River

Important details of ML State
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