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About National Career Service

This one is a new project introduced by the government of India to increase the career opportunities in India. This project of NCS provides speedy services. This incredible service is available to uplift the career of the young generation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi took this initiative along with the Pradhan Mantri Yojana schemes. It came into existence in 2015. The Ministry of Labour and Employment of our government is very much concerned about the recent problem of our country. In recent time, the unemployment is a major issue in our country. With the aim of solving this crisis, the government has introduced this unique project. Get the more info on National Career Service from here.

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NCS Employment

Earlier we use to depend on the employment exchange. But now it is no more a trusted source. This national career service is to boost the power of the employment exchange. It is a platform which is ICT enabled. It has different connections with many employers. Here the job seeker has to register to get the job and then only they will get the notification as per their requirement. This project is more authentic than the employment exchange.

This project focuses on the skills of the job seekers. It provides jobs according to it. These skilled employees will indirectly involve in the growth of our country. It will help the government to fulfill the dream of a digital India project and improve the necessary infrastructure required for it.

This project has increased the opportunities for a better career. It will also help the whole economy of the country. This national portal has counseling facilities for the students who are going to establish their career in the near future. The National employment exchange is beneficial for both the job seeker and the employer. It also focuses on the quality of work, giving jobs to the rural people to get double productivity, the participation of female labors and also provides the facility of re-employment.

Job Seeker Service in NCS

For the Jobseekers, here you can find a wide range of career choosing options. Sign up to the official website of the National Career Centre and choose a better way to your carrier. Here you can search and apply for the jobs, Find the relevant information on training programs and more. Get the info and participate in job fairs through the NCS.

Where you can also report about the services through the following link:

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