Tripura State – A Place of Satiety

About Tripura State

Tripura State is one among the 29 states of India which is located in the North Eastern Region and is bordered with Bangladesh which is located on the south, west and north, Assam which is located on the east and Mizoram which is located on the east. The capital city of Tripura is the Agartala and is the famous city.

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Tripura Population

The Population of TR state is about 3,671,032 which is the 22nd largest state in Indian population and the TR Districts are covering with an area of 10,491.69 square kilometres (or) 4,050.86 square miles, which comes 27th on the area basis.

TR Language

The official and native language of TR state is “Bengali, English and Kokborok” where Bengali is the most widely spoken language and Kokborok is the wel – known language for the tribes of the state. And many other languages like Odia, Manipuri, Kuki, Chakma, Mog, Bishnupriya Manipuri, Halam, Garo are spoken by the Sino – Tibetan households and Indo – European households. As of 2012, in 01 village there are only 04 people who speak in “Saimar” language.


TR State
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Formation of TR State

TR state came into existence on 21st Jan of 1972 under the state reorganisation Act which. The High Court of Tripura is the apex judicial body in the state.

Indian State of TR Symbols

The following are the symbols of the State:

Dance Garia
Animal Phayre’s langur
Bird Green imperial pigeon
Flower Indian rose chestnut
Tree Agar wood
Game Cricket

Holiday Destinations Designated by TR Tourism and Culture

  • TR State tourism consists of special attractions of Kunjaban Palace and Ujjayanta Palace at Agartala, Neermahal Lake Palace at Melaghar
  • State Museum, Tribal Museum, MBB College, Uma Maheshwar Temple, Benuban Bihar, Malancha Niwas, Purbasha, 14 Goddess Temple, Ujjayanta Palace, Heritage Park, Sukanta Academy and many more are the specila attractions in Agartala.
  • TR culture is same as the culture of North Eastern states like Manipur, South east Asia, Assam and Burma which are characterised by the culture of Bengali.
Tripura State
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TR Districts

TR wiki illustrates and Agartala is the capital of this north eastern state. The Tripura Map consists of 08 TR Districts and the following are the districts of TR State:

  1. Ambassa
  2. Bishramganj
  3. Khowai
  4. Udaipur
  5. Kailashahar
  6. Dharmanagar
  7. Belonia
  8. Agartala

TR Rivers

The following are the few Rivers of the state which flows through the TR state:

  • Gumti River
  • Haora River
  • Manu River
  • Muhuri River
  • Longai River
  • Khowai River
  • Dhalai River
  • Feni River
  • Titas River
  • Juri River
  • Dakatia River

Important details of TR State