Computer Emergency Response Team – CERT IN

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT IN) – कंप्यूटर आपातकालीन प्रतिक्रिया टीम (सीईआरटी इन)

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a Government of India owned organization in India. CERT-in came into existence in January 2004 under the guidelines of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The primary function of CERT IN is to act as the central nodal agency for recording, analyzing and preventing the cybersecurity incidents happening in the country. CERT also operates the Cyber Swachhta Kendra where it is a malware analysis programs and Botnet Cleaning service.

A small insight into the roles paid by CERT to ensure cyber security in India.

  • The MeitY is the responsible for recording local cyber crimes. It is the exclusive reporting center for all kinds of cyber intrusions and security breaches.
  • This organization also does complete analysis along with tracing the various events related to that particular cybercrime.

  • Works with private and public sector organizations to suggest appropriate recovery procedures after such cybersecurity incidents.
  • CERT-IN is the only National repository in India keeping track of cyber intrusions happening in the country from time to time.
  • Damage control activities after a cybercrime helping the system administrators to restore the operational data.
  • Recommend robust preventive strategies so that such cyber attacks do not happen in the future.

Some other useful services rendered by CERT-in to Cyber industry professionals.

  • It provides relevant training to technical decision makers, CIOs and CISOs, network administrators and IT sector professionals.
  • Another vital role played by CERT-in is to appoint an empanelled list of advisories who will guide cyber attack victims and organizations facing potential cybersecurity threats.

They extended the scope of such empanelled advisories appointed on a yearly basis to create master plans for avoiding cyber security incidents and also for designing the roadmap to prevent cyber attacks in the future.


CERT IN designated to serve as a National agency to perform area of Cybersecurity functions in the following areas:

  • The collection, Analysing & Dissemination of the info on cyber incidents
  • Alerting and Forecast of the incidents in Cybersecurity
  • Handling the emergency measures in Cyber security incidents
  • Many cybersecurity functions can prescribe here.

CERT Website:
Telephone Number – Regular: +91-11-24368572
Emergency Toll-Free Number: +91-11-22323085
Email Id:

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