Mizoram State

Mizoram State – मिजोरम राज्य

Mizoram State is one of the 29 states of India which is located in the North Eastern Region of India and is bordered with Assam, Manipur, and Tripura along with Myanmar and Bangladesh. The capital city is the “Aizawl”. The half word of Mizoram i.e, name “Mizo” is the “Native Inhabitants” name and the last word “Ram” means “Land”. So the state is known as “Land of the Mizos”.

mizoram state
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Mizoram Population

The Population of MZ is about 1,091,014 which is the 28th largest state in Indian population and the Mizoram Districts are covering with an area of 21,087 square kilometres (or) 8,142 square miles, which comes 25th on the area basis.

MZ Language

The official and native language of MZ state is “Mizo, English and Hindi which are widely spoken languages in the state. The Duhlian languages was the 01st language which is also known as “Lusei” now it known as “Mizo”. And this languages is mixed with the other languages including Mara, Thadou-Kuki, Gangte, Hmar, Lai, Paite etc.

capital of mizoram

 Formation of MZ State

The state came into existence on the year 20th Feb of 1987. The High Court of Mizoram-State is the apex judicial body in the state.

Indian State of Mizoram Symbols

Animal Serow (Saza)
Bird Mrs. Hume’s pheasant (Vavu)
Tree Indian rose chestnut (Herhse)
Flower Red Vanda (Senhri)

Holiday Destination Designated by MZ Tourism and Culture

  • MZ is the beautiful place which consists of the wonderful landscape along with its pleasant climate.
  • For every districts and towns which are located in MZ have their own special attractions
  • Since the arrival of the late 1980’s, the state has its culture of Christianity who celebrates Christmas, Ester Day and other festivals of Christians very grandly.
population of mizoram
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MZ Districts

Mizoram Map illustrates that Aizawl is the capital of this north eastern state and consists of 08 Districts and below are the districts of the State:

capital of mizoram
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Mizoram Government

Mizoram Public Service Commission.

MZ Rivers

The below are the few rivers of MZ which flows through the state:

  • Tlawng River
  • Tuirial River
  • Chhimtuipui River
  • Tuivawl River
  • Barak River
  • Serlui River
  • Telrei River
  • Tuirini River
  • Kaladam River
  • Tut River

Important Details of MZ State

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