National E-governance Division – NEGD

NEGD – National E-governance Division – राष्ट्रीय ई-शासन विभाग

On 18th May 2006, Government of India took a landmark step to promote E-governance in India. National E-governance Division (NEGD) came into existence under the guidelines of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. It would be worth mentioning that National E-Governance Plan (NEGP) is the prime catalyst behind the success of the Digital India Movement launched by our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Apart from digital India, NEGD offers a delightful bounty of social welfare services and Government PM Modi schemes promoting E-governance in India.

The NeGD works under the governance of the MeitY (The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology), MoCIT.NeGD website

A few remarkable achievements of E-governance in India spanning the last decade

1. E pass became a boon for students in schools and colleges all across the country. Initially, the government launched E pass in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Online scholarship for the financially weaker sections of the society named as Electronic Payment and Application System of Scholarships (ePASS)Negd - digital india

2. Digital India campaign which made it mandatory for Government offices to provide E-GOVERNANCE services to Indian citizens.
3. DIGIDHAN cashless payments scheme to curb black money circulating in the market.
4. DIGILOCKER for online cloud computing storage of necessary documents.umang app 5. Android app for Government services called as UMANG. ( https://web.umang.gov.in/web/#/ )
6. Rapid Assessment System (RAS) and Government E-Marketplace for shopping of products from the official website of NEGD.

Here you can find the e-Governance services like Volunteer management system, Tender Notices, Digital Repository and more details information.

National e-Governance Division CareersNegd careers

The NeGD is an independent business division created under the governance of the Ministry of Telecommunication of Information & Technology, Department of Electronics & Information Technology.

Under the ambitious E- Kranti project, 44 E-governance programs are currently active in the country. Also known as the pillar behind the Digital India Movement of the government, E Kranti came with the objective of delivering all government services through the medium of internet.

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