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Know more about the election commission of UP – Voter ID UP

Since India is a democratic country and it has been proved that democracy is the best form of government, it is mandatory for the people of the country to own voter id cards and cast their votes as the responsible citizens of the country so that the country can run smoothly without any hindrances. Since Uttar Pradesh is the largest state in India, the voter id status there is pretty good. If you are a citizen of the country and 18 years or above and want to enrol for voter id up, the procedures are pretty simple as it is.

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Online Process of Voter ID UP

The online procedure that allows you to upload any documents that are required to apply for the new voter id in UP is easy and consumes less time. Once you visit the page of election commission UP you will be sent to the National Voter’s service portal where you can easily file your application and upload the documents that are asked from you. It is as simple as that without any extra cost or procedures or running around involved. However, while providing the documents that are asked, make sure to provide the correct ones because there are instances when your voter id goes wrong in spelling or house name or number etc.

Since voter id is required to cast votes, the election commission up takes care of all the procedures that are required to attain a voter id and if you face any problem regarding your id you can always consult and ask for help from the election commission. As the election commission presides over the elections and takes care of all that is related to the elections, it is imperative for them to reach out if any kind of help is required.

How to know Electrol Roll?

Know your Electrol Roll Details by following the simple steps gicen below:

1. Firstly visit CEO UP Official website:

Voter ID UP
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2. Now select your district and then select your AC (Agra Cantt.)

3. After selecting the both click on “Show”

4. Now you will get the list of Electrol roll

5. You can view them and you can download them by clicking on the lick which requires to you

6. Then you have to type captcha which displays on the screen

7. After typing captcha click on “View/Download”

UP Voter ID
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Important Details of Voter ID UP